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The Essence of Marketing with Tom Peters is a must-listen on this week’s Marketing Companion podcast! Brooke Sellas and Mark Schaefer joined forces to discuss Tom’s newest book, Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, a timely read given the ripple effect of a pandemic.

Unlike traditional interviews, Brooke and Mark tossed aside standard questions an expert like Tom Peters is repeatedly asked. Instead, they went a different route and asked for his thoughts on specific keywords from his career and are highlighted in his new book.

Read on for show notes and then listen to Tom Peters, in his own words, on the Marketing Companion Podcast.


Compassion is notably the first word that comes to mind with the work of Tom Peters. When asked about compassion, Tom was quick to credit another work – Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that Caring Makes a Difference by Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli.

Why “compassionomics”? Mostly because compassion is a human trait and that plays into businesses more than you know. Compassion even plays into the kind of medical attention you receive. It also plays into your day-to-day role within a team.

The B2 team is very familiar with compassion when it comes to customer care. We have fine-tuned managing customer expectations during difficult times for a while now. You can read our suggestions here.

Always remember that even the smallest forms of compassion are not forgotten. To prove this point, Tom cites this account about Campbell’s Soup CEO, Doug Conant.

Extreme Community Engagement

What does extreme community engagement mean externally for a business? Tom implied this concept in nearly every book he’s written, but it has come to the forefront with his newest book, Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism.

Why is this explicit now? Certainly, the pandemic has called it to center stage.

Business is not part of the community. Business IS the community.

-Tom Peters

You spend just as much, if not more, time with your coworkers as you do with your family. Pre-pandemic, you probably saw your coworkers more than your family!

With the pandemic, coworkers have realized how much they depended on that work family. During the last year, your coworkers are the ones that can relate to what you’re going through with the job at hand. This article from Refinery29 explains how co-workers became our best friends in the last year.

Speaking of extreme community engagement, here at B Squared, we’ve discussed how to bring humanity to customer care communications because our focus is on driving conversation. This past year has shown a spotlight on the need for humanity. And we agree with Tom, it’s never been more important to respond than right away.

Excellence Is The Next Five Minutes

What is excellence to Tom Peters? Well, it’s not just an aspiration, or “a hill to climb”. In a nutshell, Tom believes excellence is juggling your children’s schooling at home while working.

Employers that not only recognize these traits but truly care about their employees, earn employees that will work their butts off for them.

K = R = P. Kindness = Repeat Business = Profit.

-Tom Peters

Excellence is a small lift of the spirit that will ripple into everyone’s lives!

Personal Branding vs. Self-Promotion

We don’t want to spoil too much, but this happens to be Tom’s favorite question from Mark! Before you listen, think about this question: when you stand for something or have special expertise, does that translate into self-marketing? Or, is it the antithesis of self-marketing?

When it comes down to how to best amplify your brand, it’s time to acknowledge that social customer care is marketing.

Before You Go

Before you listen to The Essence Of Marketing With Tom Peters, we highly suggest you start with his background here. His wealth of knowledge on management and leadership direction is vital in navigating the aftershocks of a post-COVID world.

Tom Peters has wise insight into the humanity of business that we think you’ll want to hear.

[At the end of the day] can you honestly tell the closest people in your life, with pride, about the marketing campaign you just launched and how it’s going to make the world a teeny bit better?

-Tom Peters


How do you show up for work to be of value to humanity? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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