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B Squared Media - About Us

What’s it like to work with us?

B Squared Media is more than a digital media management company. We started our existence as a pretty traditional social media marketing company … if you can use “traditional” and social media marketing in the same sentence. And we’re still one, but with an expanded focus. We’re a social media marketing company. An advertising agency. A trusted resource for online customer care solutions. But mostly, we’re a company full of passionate people who love the conversations and campaigns we create for our clients.

We’re made up of a team of remote workers. We want to give our people a better workplace/life balance and more flexibility — all things that – if done right – should lead to greater attraction, retention, and productivity. We like to call that a win/win (our favorite kind of win!).

B Squared Media is self-funded. We haven’t ever brought in outside financing. Since our earliest days, this has been incredibly important in providing the freedom to shape the company and its business practices.


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Advertising Manager

Responsible for the execution of paid media campaigns for our projects across both social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and search (Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.) platforms. Provide support across a range of digital marketing deliverables, including paid media planning, campaign set-up, campaign monitoring, optimization, analysis and reporting.