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Social media marketing shouldn’t be a series of campaigns. With B Squared Media it’s a conversation.

The B Squared Mission

The mission of B Squared Media is to offer our services in the most efficient, proactive, and customer-focused way possible. We are hand-holders and cheerleaders. We only bring positive energy to a project.

Our “how we work” mission statement is anything but traditional. We choose to break it into three parts: How We Feel, Our Philosophy, and Our Mantra.

B Squared Media Marketing Magic

We Feel: There is no beginning and end with a social media marketing strategy; it’s an ongoing attitude of integrating each marketing effort.

Our Philosophy: Establish trust and build relationships by having conversations that connect on social media; uncover emotionally-connected consumers and convert them when the time is right.

Our Mantra: Think Conversation, Not Campaign.™

What B Squared Media has that other agencies don't (and I can say this because I have hired big agencies) are people with real life marketing experience; we are not box tickers. You cannot complete the course on 'digital marketing' and be fully successful without real marketing management and media buying knowledge.

Melissa C.

Team Member for 4 Years

B Squared Media

Big Firm Results. Boutique Agency Dedication.

B Squared Media is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in done-for-you social media marketing, paid advertising, and social media customer service. What does “boutique” mean? What we mean by boutique is we believe that premier client service requires building an intimate, thorough, individual relationship with you (and your customers!).

What does “done-for-you” mean? Just that. We do it ALL for you when it comes to managing your social media channels, social and search ads, or customer service through social media. Everything we do is tailored, not templated for each client; we give you what you need, not what we have.

Our clients are supported by individuals who have experience and expertise in each of our verticals. We’re the best at what we do. And we only do our best.

Meet the B² Crew!

About Alex

Alex Sellas

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Service Officer
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Jaime Letter

Project Manager
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Chris Wszolek

Web Director
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Molly Janssen

Marketing Manager
Melissa B Squared

Melissa Cunningham

Advertising Manager
Marisa B Squared

Marisa Shaffer

Account Manager
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Lauren Hinson

Account Manager
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Shannon Angeles

Advertising Manager
Rani Parkinson

Rani Parkinson

Account Manager & Senior CMGR
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Alexander Perry

Account Manager
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Ateeq Ahmad

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Victor Davis

Social Media Listening Analyst
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Christine Thompson

Social Media Coordinator

Tanya Ponton

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Mandy Edwards

Advertising Coordinator

At B Squared Media, we’ve been virtual from the start.

Since 2012, the appeal of forming virtual teams has proven itself to be a huge success. Our team can manage their work and personal lives with more flexibly, and with increased productivity. Who doesn’t love a win-win?!

The ROI of social media shouldn’t be zero.

A long time ago in another time and place (Dallas, Texas in the mid-2000s), I worked in non-profit. Not only was I responsible for raising nearly a million dollars each year, but I was also tasked with figuring out how to get young professionals to pay attention to our charity.

Of course, that ended up being beer and a burgeoning Facebook. We used Facebook to connect with like-minded individuals and after three months, we had tens of thousands of connections on our Facebook Profile (Pages didn’t exist yet), and 1700 of them ended up attending our new young professional-focused pub crawl.

The return on investment (ROI) was around $60,000 for our new young professionals’ event (garnering 16X more than most first-time events), and countless young professionals who became actively involved with our charity.

Though I wasn’t doing social media management yet, the seed was planted. We used social media channel to connect and converse with our local young professionals. Then we used it to convert them into revenue and continued support… a community if you will; community management before community management was cool.

Fast forward over 15 years and I’ve been taking that pub crawl blueprint and applying it to local and global brands for more than ten years.

People aren’t starved for content. They’re starved for connection. Brands that understand this and embody a “Think Conversation, Not Campaign” mindset are able to convert more of their audiences than brands that focus on content alone.

Founder & CEO, B Squared Media
Brooke Sellas

Bringing a smile to every customer, one social media message at a time.

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Honestly, few social media agencies are as obsessed with connection as much as we are.

Creative agencies can develop eye-catching content, but we already told you it’s more about connection than content. Do they help you with social media customer experience, customer interaction, customer queries? What about customer retention, loyalty, and acquiring new customers through social media platforms? Doubtful.

We’re advocates for emotional marketing and true connection. And most social media agencies are anything but. By helping our clients reduce overhead costs and providing teams with social media CX-focused skills, we’re innovating the way brands use social media to connect, converse, and convert.

B Squared Media is the premier social media customer service provider for the USA.

Social media customer experience, taken to the next level.

Brand conversations on social media are becoming more important than online reviews. And we only see this trend growing.

Social media customer support – taking care of your customers through social media channels – is at the center of the customer experience (CX). The conversations that are happening on social channels, both peer-to-peer and peer-to-brand, are helping or hurting brands when it comes to gaining new customers and keeping the ones they have.

Brands have no choice but to embrace the world of digital engagement and conversations to maintain customer connection and loyalty. Can your brand be 9 to 5 when customer requests happen 24/7? Are you capable of a 24/7 commitment to meeting and exceeding those needs 365 days a year?

Service providers like call centers and customer support teams are struggling to keep up with the strategic shifts needed to manage social media CX. And, as customer expectations have soared, the research shows that brands have only fallen further behind.

As social media channels continue to grow as the top choice for many customer care requests, most brands are still failing to meet customers’ needs with a social media customer care program.

Future-proof your brand with social media customer service and B Squared Media.

Visit our Case Studies page to scope out our social media & advertising success stories!