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“Brooke came highly recommended, and within minutes of our first consultation, it was clear why.”

Looking for immediate impact? Consider booking Brooke Sellas! As the award-winning Founder & CEO of B Squared Media, Brooke has been delivering custom training and speaking for Fortune 500 and middle-market brands since 2012. Brooke captivates audiences with real-world tactics, actionable insights, and a dynamic personality that leaves a lasting impression.

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You wonderful, fun, smart, charismatic, enjoyable human. It’s really hard to put into words how great it was to have you at the event! Pre-event, you were so incredibly helpful in connecting me with Andy and Katie. During: your content was great, I’ve heard so many great things from my group. They loved you. Post: fun Brooke came out to play and I LOVED every second of it. Truly, you are a rock star. A wonderful person. I’m SO happy you were a part of this. Thank you, thank you, a million times over for your participation!— Hailey Klein, Director of Marketing and Communications at PSNI Global Alliance

Brooke is often invited to teach as a guest lecturer at universities and currently teaches two virtual Digital Marketing courses for the University of California in Irvine.

She is also the host of the Marketing Agency Show by Social Media Examiner and the weekly Brooke Bytes series on digital customer experience (CX). Be sure to check them out to see Brooke in action every week!

On stage, Brooke regularly speaks on topics such as:

  • Social Media Customer Experience
  • Digital Customer Experience (DCX)
  • Social Care (Social Media Customer Care or Social Media Customer Service)
  • The Digital Customer Journey
  • Social Media Listening
  • Conversations That Connect: Improving CX Using Social Media
  • Content that Converts: How to Use Social Media for More Leads and Sales
  • Next-Gen Social: Unleashing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Epic Social Media Success
  • Social Media Dynamics: Designing the Ultimate Dopamine Machine

If you don’t see your desired topic above, don’t worry! Brooke will happily create custom talks around social media marketing, social care, content marketing on social media, and the digital customer experience. Reach out to schedule time with her and discuss your specific needs!

Additionally, Brooke can create custom talks or workshops based on her book, “Conversations That Connect.” If you’re looking for training for your team on operationalizing social media customer care, check out her Care Squared Training Program, now available outside of our private clients!

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What to Expect

As a speaker, Brooke draws on her extensive experience across various industries — non-profit, finance, consumer goods, healthcare, real estate, sales, staffing and recruiting, and marketing. She combines storytelling with practical and tactical advice to help marketers and business owners shift their social media strategies from campaigns to conversations.

Brooke has spoken at premier marketing events such as Social Media Marketing World, INBOUND, B2B Forum by MarketingProfs, Agents of Change, Content Jam, SMASH, and the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange.

Booking Brooke [again] for our next event was a no-brainer. Her expertise, professionalism, and genuine commitment to helping others succeed make her an invaluable asset. We can't recommend her enough.

Todd Bagley

Director of Sales, Mōdere

But don’t worry, Brooke Sellas speaks at smaller events too! These include webinars, podcast interviews, and small events for brands like ADWEEK, MarketingProfs, Digimind, PSNI, Mōdere, ALVG, Sprout Social, Agorapulse, Ascend Lancaster, and Teamwork. She also speaks at private events, such as mastermind and networking groups.

No matter the size of the crowd, Brooke Sella’s presentations are lively, packed with case studies and real-world examples, and always leave the audience smiling and nodding along.

Brooke brings energy, smarts, and broad experience to the presentation room! Our group appreciated Brooke's down-to-earth style as she explained new and moderately complex topics. Great organization and helpful visuals. She kept us laughing as we learned how to keep up with the latest marketing trends. I'd recommend Brooke to anyone who wants to sharpen their marketing and customer service skills.

Rob Marchalonis

CEO of LSP123

Check out Brooke speaking with Social Media Examiner — “Building Strong Connections With Your Social Media Content”

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Her insights into social media selling are not just theoretical; they’re backed by data and, most importantly, actionable strategies. What sets Brooke apart is her ability to break down concepts into practical steps that our top sellers could implement right away. — Todd, Director of Sales, Mōdere

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If you’re in need of a social media speaker at your next event, consider booking Brooke Sellas of B Squared Media!

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