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Are you listening to what your audience and potential customers are saying online?

Social listening harnesses the full power of social media by monitoring and analyzing conversations happening around your brand, even when you aren’t tagged or mentioned. If you’re asking yourself, “Where do I start?” this social listening workbook will answer that. We’ve partnered with Sprout Social to support you at each step of creating your social listening plan.

When you create your first listening exercise, you’ll answer questions like:

  • What do people like or dislike about our brand or products?
  • Which discussions and hashtags are trending in our industry?
  • Why is our competitor performing well or poorly?
  • How is our latest campaign resonating?

Give yourself 90 minutes to complete this social listening workbook. By the end, you will have completed your listening query and be on your way to improving your content strategy, iterating on new product designs, outpacing your competition and building more impactful future campaigns.