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Written by award-winning customer marketing strategist and social care practitioner, Brooke Sellas. Our Lost to Loyal newsletter will give you practical and tactical insight on building companies, cultures, and communities that people adore. Think: Human experiences on digital channels.

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Welcome to From Lost to Loyal: How to Make It Right When CX Goes Wrong, where brands innovate and evolve, ensuring that they retain the warmth of human connection in the digital age.

Our quarterly e-newsletter covers subjects like:

  1. The Irreplaceable Value: Unravel the significance and power of the human touch, even in an age dominated by automation and AI.
  2. Balancing Bytes with Bonds: Strategies for integrating the warmth of personal connections in the digital customer service realm.
  3. Navigating Digital Landscapes with Empathy: Learn how to seamlessly combine state-of-the-art tools with genuine human concern.
  4. Real Stories, Real Impact: Dive into real-world cases where brands have successfully intertwined digital prowess with human sensitivity.
  5. A Glimpse Ahead: Forecasting how the synergy of tech and touch will shape the future of customer service.

As we navigate the digital realm, it’s essential not to lose the soul of service: the human. Join our newsletter community and ensure every digital interaction holds the heart of genuine care.