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Elevate Your Social Media CX with the Care Squared Training Program!

Still struggling to prove ROI on your organic social media efforts? I can help.

What you need, and have probably been missing, is a social media customer care program that gets results!

Would you like me to personally help you build one? Together, we can ensure you’re delivering highly effective customer support experiences, elevating your brand reputation, and encouraging customer loyalty.

Brooke Sellas

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Dear Customer Experience Leader,

Would you like your team to sit down with me, 1-on-1, and get my personal help crafting your social care program?

If you’re interested, I’d like to invite you to consider our Care Squared Training Program, which was developed from my book, Conversations That Connect.

Details are on this page, but keep in mind there are only twelve spots a year available for this training. I do it this way because every training is custom developed for your industry and team structure, allowing me to give everyone the personal attention they need.

I’d love to dig in to how you’re using social media today and get started with building a customer care and social media CX program that leads to better customer retention and acquisition.

You read that right. Acquisition, as in adding new customers and revenue to your business!

Are you ready to get started? See how our top-rated program works below!


What building a social care program allows you to accomplish

During my 12+ years owning B Squared Media, I’ve constantly been:

  • Working with brands to stand up a meaningful social media presence.
  • Building social media customer care (aka ‘social care’) programs that gets results for million and billion-dollar brands.
  • Working with marketing, social media, sales, product development, customer/member experience, customer support, and the C-suite to develop lucrative social media support systems.
  • Establishing social selling strategies for acquiring new customers through social media.
  • Reviewing thousands of pieces of social media conversations and large, digital customer support programs (and giving countless hours of personal feedback).

I can usually tell even before our training begins if the program you currently have is going to work.

I would love to sit down with your team and show you how I’ve helped well-known brands succeed with social care.

Over the last twelve years I’ve helped teams just like yours make sense of their digital customer journey and the social care that supports it – including acquisition and retention measures.

I loved how collaborative, yet actionable the training was. I came away with three pages of ideas to implement!

Andrew Elterman

Member Experience: Social Monitoring, BCU

I love getting feedback like that!

And I’d love to see my experience help you, too! If you’ve felt like…

  • You’ve struggled to implement a social media customer care program that meets customers where they are.
  • You know something with your organic social media isn’t working, but you’re not sure what it is.
  • You know what has your customer experience (CX) teams gridlocked but you don’t know how to fix it.
  • You don’t know how to get to the next level with social media marketing.
  • You’re frustrated and overwhelmed with where you are in your digital CX journey because you know you have potential.

…you’re not alone.

Conversations That Connect was a truly wonderful read – made all the better when paired with the training. Well, actually, let’s not call it a training. It was “learning together” which sounds so much more fun and true to the spirit of the session.

Jill Sammons

Senior Vice President Marketing, Well-Being & Wealth Advisory, BCU

The Care Squared Training Program

The Care Squared Training Program is now available outside of my private clients. Now, it’s available to YOU!

So, how do you know if a social media customer care program is right for you?

The Care Squared Training is the perfect fit for you if:

  • You haven’t assessed the digital experience your would-be and current customers are having with your brand on social media.
  • You’re a brand with a social media team and want my help operationalizing your social care program.
  • You’ve started supporting your customers on social media but haven’t started to see a return on investment yet.
  • If your teams (social media, marketing, customer support, etc.) are stuck operating in silos and need help figuring out the best way forward.
  • Your brand is looking for continued support with your social care program and understands the value of having seasoned professionals work with you to level up!

Here’s how we’ll build your super duper totally awesome sauce social media customer care program in just a few days.


Materials sent to attendees; one paperback copy of Conversations That Connect and one digital version of the Care Squared Training Workbook.

training workbook


PRE-WORK: Read Conversations That Connect
PRE-WORK: Complete Mapping Your Digital Customer Journey in the workbook

You’ll get started by reading Conversations That Connect. From there, you will use Chapter Three to guide your step-by-step exercises of mapping your digital customer journey.


Day One of our training is a full day dedicated to the following subjects. Each attendee will have their own workbook, provided digitally (or physically if needed), where they can capture notes and answers to our exercises and group discussions.

  • PRE-WORK: Your Digital Customer Journey + four exercises
  • The Current State of Social Media + three group discussions
  • The Social Penetration Theory + one exercise
  • Audience & Community + two group discussions
  • Social Media Listening + one exercise and one group discussion
  • Having Conversations That Connect + one exercise and one group discussion
brooke training


Day Two of our training is a full day dedicated to the following subjects. We like to reserve at least one hour for Action Planning, if not two.

  • Building a Social Media Customer Care Program + one exercise and two group discussions
  • Coding Conversations + one exercise and one group discussion
  • Choosing Metrics & KPIs + one group discussion
  • Building Your Team In-House + one exercise and one group discussion
  • Final Feelings + combined action plan with B Squared Media
  • Action Planning


Each attendee should attend the Debrief Session. During this one-hour virtual meeting, we will present the main takeaways and ideas complied by your group during our two-day training, plus review the Three-Step Action Plan created with your B Squared Media partnership.

B Squared Media will also provide documentation that captures the essence of the workshop and allows stakeholders to see what was accomplished. Any additional service needs or consulting will be booked during this time.

workbook action plan

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Have individual and team workbooks full of ideas that are ready to implement.
  • Have a detailed digital customer journey.
  • Have a documented social media customer care (aka ‘social care’) program.
  • Know what’s working with your organic social media.
  • Know what’s not working with your organic social media.
  • Know how to fix what’s not working with your organic social media.
  • Have access to a partner who can offer continued support.
  • AND the ability to see how organic social media can lead to additional revenue!

It’s time to decide.

Will you choose the path that leads to finally seeing results from your organic social media? If you’re a ‘yes’ then click the calendar below to schedule a free consultation with me, Brooke Sellas, and see if the Care Squared Training Program is right for you.

See you in the social sphere!

Work Directly with Brooke Sellas.

When you choose B Squared Media, you’ll work directly with our CEO Brooke Sellas who will teach your team how we stand up a social media customer care program. We know it works because…

  1. She wrote the book on it.
  2. We’ve built social care programs for million & billion-dollar brands (but even the smallest companies use our playbook).

We’ll look at five critical customer-centric factors that drive connection, conversations, and conversions through social media channels (and show you exactly why your social media strategy is so stale).

Accept that social is skyrocketing.

Lean into the power of social media – the trend toward online shopping, and relying on social media to make shopping decisions, has surged since the pandemic. That is not going to change.


Know your digital customers’ journey.

Figure out the digital customer journey (DCJ) for your brand. Identifying where you have the most or the best conversations with your audiences and community will tell you where to spend most of your time — and if you need a social media customer care program.


Listen, learn, and take the lead.

Listening to your customers cannot be overstated. The brand winners are paying attention to customer needs, analyzing those insights, and adapting accordingly. Get really good at social listening – not just social monitoring – so you can better understand, and use, Voice of the Customer (VoC) data.


Understanding negative customer feedback is a superpower.

Positive mentions and glowing reviews are great and all, but the real space for change lies in the negative. Customer data, including social media intelligence, is a strategic advantage for all brands. Developing stronger relationships through a social media customer care program will prove to be one of the most effective ways to accelerate CX, growth, and revenue.


Build conversations that connect.

Use the social penetration theory to help you with your content; go deeper. You should be less focused on the platform. If you have great conversations, you will build relationships, improve the DCJ, and deliver a stellar CX – which is the way to create brand loyalty.

Effectively, to compete in 2024 and beyond, you must know your customers inside and out. You also must meet them where they are. And increasingly, they’re asking questions and filing complaints through social media.

Book a free 30-minute conversation with our CEO, Brooke Sellas, to hear more about our success stories with big-name brands and how we can help your company create its own social media customer care program.