Digital Marketing Services

At B Squared Media, we offer numerous digital marketing services. We’re not only going to build you a campaign, we’re going to start a conversation with your customers. Here’s what we do.

B Squared Media Services
B Squared Media - Social Media Management

Done-For-You Social Media Management

You don’t like Tweeting ten times a day? Analyzing Facebook engagement stats doesn’t give you goose bumps? Huh. So weird. Does for us. If the Blog, Tweet, Post, Pic, Like of it all makes you want to scream, cry or punch, consider letting us take over.

B Squared Media - Online Advertising

Done-For-You Paid Media Management

The decline of organic reach has sent businesses and marketers into a tailspin. Even heavy-hitter sites have seen a nearly 50% drop in social referral traffic to their websites. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, strategic advertising can help.

B Squared Media - Customer Care

Done-For-You Online Customer Care Solutions

For most companies, your employees are only available during hours Monday through Friday, and there’s no one to keep an eye on things over the weekends, on holidays, or before or after-hours. That’s where B Squared Media comes in. Our customer care solutions take you beyond the reactiveness of “customer service” and applies proactive measures to meet your customers’ needs.

B Squared Media - Social Listening

Done-For-You Social Media Listening Services

Our done-for-you advanced listening services ensure your brand is gathering insightful qualitative and quantitative data around your industry. Not only can we track the sentiment around your brand, products or services, we can uncover key audience insights … like identifying who is talking about your brand and how powerful their conversations are. This is huge for things like customer care, but also in identifying influencers and brand ambassadors. Level-up your social media strategy with advanced listening from B Squared Media!

B Squared Media - Training & Speaking

Done-For-You Training & Speaking

Brooke B. Sellas, our CEO, speaks regularly on how your business should get the conversation started (in other words, how to #ThinkConversation, not campaign). She was also an adjunct at Baruch College in NYC for two years, lecturing on consumer behavior and customization & personalization of the offer. If you’re in need of a social media speaker at your next event, consider booking Brooke!

See some of Brooke’s past speaking engagements here »

Not sure what kinds of digital marketing services you need? No worries!

That’s what we’re here for. There are three easy ways to figure that out:

We work with a range of clients, from startups to enterprise-sized brands — including recognizable companies and mom-and-pop shops. Take a spin on our testimonials page to see what real, live, in-the-trenches clients have to say about our work.

Go fill out our contact form and give us a little taste of what you’re looking for. Not sure? Ask a bah-zillion questions (okay, maybe not that many) and we’ll get back to you with some answers.

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