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Just a few of our social media, social listening & advertising success stories!

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Case Study #1

How We Used Used Human-Based Customer Care to Improve Customer Response Times by 3,791% on Social Media

Brother International, known worldwide for its home and office printers, sewing and crafting machines, and P-touch labelers, needed help with its customer support process. Due to limited office hours and the number of customer service requests fielded across multiple mediums, the internal team at Brother was unable to respond to many requests in real time. B Squared Media was brought in to integrate with the Brother team and assist with Brother’s customer care needs on social media, improving the company’s message handling and response time exponentially.

Results from B Squared’s Social-Led Customer Care Service:

  • Reduced the average customer wait time on social media channels from 20 hours to just 32 minutes (a 3,791% faster response time)
  • Increased the average messages handled per month from 56 to 2,229 (a 3,980% increase in messages handled)
  • Extended customer support hours from 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on 1 social platform — to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week across 3 platforms
  • Moved from reactive to proactive coverage, addressing all customer messages and brand mentions
Brother International

Case Study #2

How we evaluated over 10,000 competitor keywords to identify the top 100 most likely to perform for our client (and landed a 66.4% reduction in cost)

Lippincott® HCP Access requires leads in a niche market with low search volume keywords. B Squared Media was tasked with finding and testing multiple keywords to ensure their Google Ads produced an acceptable lead volume. Our approach was two-pronged: closely monitoring nonperforming keywords, while allowing highperforming keywords to be optimized for lead conversion.

Results from B Squared’s Paid Media Management Service:

  • 166% Increase in Leads (from 82 to 218)
  • 66.4% Cost Reduction in Cost Per Lead ($20.15 CPL, down from $59.98)
  • Cultivated successful keywords and utilized creative copy, bidding strategies, and advertising best practices to optimize daily ad campaigns
Wolters Kluwer | Lippincott® HCP Access

Case Study #3

How We Used Modern Paid Media Management To Nearly Double Target Signups

The client, AAA Club Alliance (ACA), needed 2,000 member signups within 6 weeks (by the end of 2020) in an already saturated market. They had branded campaigns already running — which meant B Squared Media and Trust Insights needed to focus on non-branded keywords, change geographic targeting, and look for other hidden opportunities.

Results from B Squared’s Paid Media Management Service:

  • 3,661 New Member Signups (183% of client’s target of 2,000)
  • 15.6% Cost Reduction ($101.22 cost per acquisition, down from $120)
  • 6.8% Improvement in Avg. Cost Per Click ($2.72, down from $2.92)
  • Teamed up with Trust Insights to find unique openings in the ad market, working daily alongside client’s in-house team
AAA Club Alliance

Case Study #4

How We Used Social Listening & Tagging To Help This NPO With Event Planning

B Squared Media helped NCTE, a non-profit organization, with the management of the social chatter around their conference in 2019, and used social listening and tagging to assist in creating an even more customer-centric conference for 2020.

Results from B Squared’s Social Media Management Service:

  • Engaged with the attendees and digital community to provide assistance and build relationships
  • Acted as an extension of the on-site team
  • Reported back to NCTE with insights from conversation around #NCTE19

*Please note, social listening is an add-on that many clients use to enhance their organic social media management efforts.

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

Case Study #5

How We Used Testing & Data to Propose a Change in Paid Media Strategy & Increased Subscriptions by 3,500%

B Squared Media used advertising data and heavy A/B testing to help Payce Pays decrease bounce rates, decrease cost-per-acquisition, and increase sign-ups by 3500%.

Since starting Paid Media Management with B Squared Media:

  • Signups grew significantly from 142 to 5,068 per month (a 3,569% increase)
  • Instagram conversions went from 3% to 29%
  • We decreased overall cost per acquisition (CPA) by 82% — from $8.20 to below $1.50
  • Our team provided consistent optimizations to campaigns on a weekly basis, created personalized regional campaigns, and decreased overall Bounce Rate from 66% to 29%

You have seen the explosive growth our clients have achieved after partnering with B Squared Media. From Social Media Management & Paid Media to Social Media Customer Care & Social Media Listening, we not only build you a campaign, we start a conversation with your customers. Find out what B Squared Media can do for you!