Case Studies

Just a few of our social media, social listening & advertising success stories!

Case Studies

Case Study #1

How We Used Modern Paid Media Management To Nearly Double Target Signups

The client, AAA Club Alliance (ACA), needed 2,000 member signups within 6 weeks (by the end of 2020) in an already saturated market. They had branded campaigns already running — which meant B Squared Media and Trust Insights needed to focus on non-branded keywords, change geographic targeting, and look for other hidden opportunities.

Results from B Squared’s Paid Ad Service:

  • 3,661 New Member Signups (183% of client’s target of 2,000)
  • 15.6% Cost Reduction ($101.22 cost per acquisition, down from $120)
  • 6.8% Improvement in Avg. Cost Per Click ($2.72, down from $2.92)
  • Teamed up with Trust Insights to find unique openings in the ad market, working daily alongside client’s in-house team
AAA Club Alliance

Case Study #2

How We Used Social Listening & Tagging To Help This NPO With Event Planning

B Squared Media helped NCTE, a non-profit organization, with the management of the social chatter around their conference in 2019, and used social listening and tagging to assist in creating an even more customer-centric conference for 2020.

Results from B Squared’s Organic Social Media Service:

  • Engaged with the attendees and digital community to provide assistance and build relationships
  • Acted as an extension of the on-site team
  • Reported back to NCTE with insights from conversation around #NCTE19

*Please note, social listening is an add-on that many clients use to enhance their organic social media management efforts.

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

Case Study #3

How We Used Testing & Data to Propose a Change in Paid Media Strategy & Increased Subscriptions by 3,500%

B Squared Media used advertising data and heavy A/B testing to help Payce Pays decrease bounce rates, decrease cost-per-acquisition, and increase sign-ups by 3500%.

Since starting Paid Media Management with B Squared Media:

  • Signups grew significantly from 142 to 5,068 per month (a 3,569% increase)
  • Instagram conversions went from 3% to 29%
  • We decreased overall cost per acquisition (CPA) by 82% — from $8.20 to below $1.50
  • Our team provided consistent optimizations to campaigns on a weekly basis, created personalized regional campaigns, and decreased overall Bounce Rate from 66% to 29%

You have seen the explosive growth our clients have achieved after partnering with B Squared. From Social Media Management & Paid Advertising to Chatbots & Social Listening Services, we not only build you a campaign, we start a conversation with your customers. Find out what B Squared can do for you!