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Streamline operations, save time, cut costs, and deliver exceptional social media experiences for your brand.
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Outsourced Social Media Customer Service

Proactively meet your customers’ needs & improve customer experience (CX).

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Social Media Listening Services

Listen to what your audience, communities, and customers are saying.

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Social Media Management Services

Harness the power of social media marketing and grow your online audiences.

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Paid Media Management Services

Turn paid clicks into customers and gain traffic & leads with online ads.

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“One-on-one personalized engagement…”

The one-on-one personalized engagement has allowed our customers to understand that we are listening, and our communities are very important to us.

Social media customer queries responded to in under 30 minutes.

With B Squared Media, outsourcing your social media customer service doesn’t mean compromising on quality. We serve as an extension of your in-house team, handling your social media accounts with precision and dedication.

Our trained social support agents excel in swift customer interaction, adeptly managing customer queries and concerns. Not only do we offer 365/year social media answering service and chat support, we also provide proactive social listening to catch and address potential issues before they escalate.

Through our social care center services, we make sure your customer experience is seamless, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Embrace the power of outsourced social media customer service with us and focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Ready to level up your social marketing strategy with a social media presence that focuses on customers and potential customers? Book a free consultation to unleash the power of outsourced customer service for your social media platforms.

Never miss another message.

Our customer care program ensures you improve customer response times. Our customer support team monitors your social media channels every day of the year, and we quickly respond to customer inquiries and related posts. This helps ensure that no message goes unanswered and that your customers feel heard and valued.

365 days
brother response time

Our support agents can improve response times by over 3,500%.

Did you know that online shoppers now weigh brand conversations just as high – or higher – than online reviews? Brand conversations are becoming the heart of what counts as a good customer experience (CX) on social media. We’ve helped million & billion-dollar brands improve response times on social media by 3,791%!

*The math on that social media outsourcing example is from more than 20 hours for a response time to about thirty minutes! (Read the case study here).

Increase customer advocacy through the channels you are already using.

Your customers turn to social media to help them make purchase decisions. Our proven engagement strategies maximize return on social selling opportunities.

Boost customer advocacy with B Squared Media’s stellar customer service—our team excels in swiftly resolving customer queries and fostering positive social engagement. Experience the difference our empathy and expertise bring to every customer interaction, turning challenges into opportunities for smiles and sales.

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Build a dynamic staffing model that reduces resource drain.

Social media marketing is by nature dynamic. Some days you have an onslaught of activity, while others are quieter by comparison. This can often lead to under or overstaffing social media support.

Our social customer care model is activity based so you are right-sizing resources every day of the year.

Uncover hidden revenue potential.

Your customers turn to social media to help them make purchase decisions. Our proven engagement strategies and tagging processes maximize return on social selling opportunities.

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“We’ve seen an increase in our social media engagements.”

“I want to give a shout out to one of our partners who have been brilliant for me and the team at io173. Since launching with them six months ago, we've seen an increase in social media engagements. I highly recommend B Squared Media when considering your digital marketing.

Empowering your brand with social media customer service solutions.

Maximize your social media impact with our outsourced social media customer service and ensure every customer query on your social media account is promptly addressed.

Get ahead on every social network and social platform with our customer service outsourcing – your surefire way to win over potential customers.

Our service provider role extends beyond typical customer service – we strategically manage your social media profile and recommend high-quality social media content to engage your target audience effectively.

Benefit from our experienced social media experts as they provide top-tier outsourced customer service, ensuring your customers receive timely and value-packed responses on all your social media channels.

With our outsourcing social media services, we offer social customer service and social customer care that not only resolves customer queries but enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Easily implement a team of dedicated support agents to provide efficient social media customer support who are committed to exceptional social media service.

Superior social media support.

White-Glove Service.

Smaller agencies, like our boutique operation, are more agile than 1000-person social media marketing agencies.

Personalized attention means we choose to work with fewer, like-minded clients so we can fully dedicate our brain trust to each project … as well as to your own customers.

Data & Analytics.

Each of our social media services ensure you are gathering insightful qualitative and quantitative data around your brand, customers, industry, and competitors.

Our social media experts will work with yours to put important metrics & insights to use and help you make better data-driven customer decisions.

Peace of Mind.

We view all our clients as partners; our customer support team becomes your team.

And since our team is available to you seven days a week (weekends and holidays included!) for our social media customer support services, you can rest assured your social media presence is in good hands.

Proven Results.

Whether it’s boosting customer satisfaction scores, responding to customer queries in under ten minutes to boost customer support & customer experience, or finding opportunities to convert potential customers, we’ve done it.

Our diverse set of clients cover a vast number of industries, enabling us to offer increased efficiency.

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Capitalizing on Conversations: Social Media as a Revenue Driver

Social media platforms, once seen as mere extensions of a brand’s online presence, are now pivotal hubs for customer acquisition and revenue growth. Brands that prioritize and engage in meaningful conversations on these platforms do more than just foster goodwill or elevate brand image; they discover rich veins of opportunity.

Learn more about unlocking the future of digital customer service with our exclusive report, “The State of Social Care, 2023”

“We consider ourselves lucky to have B Squared Media as a partner!”

Partnering with the B Squared Media team for the last five years and having the opportunity to experience the Care Squared training … We’re lucky.

Our social media customer care program can be applied to these social media platforms:













Live Chat & Chat Support

Live Chat & Chat Support

And, if you plan on outsourcing social media, why not let us help you with social listening and online review management?

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“They focus on building conversations with audiences to provide the best possible interactions.”

B Squared Media understands that an online marketing strategy needs to be ongoing to be effective, so they focus on building conversations with audiences to provide the best possible interactions.

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Are you ready to build a social media customer support structure that creates connection → conversation → conversions? It’s time to consider outsourcing social media, community management, and customer experience to our social media experts!


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