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Maximize Revenue with B Squared Media’s Social Media Customer Service.

The absence of a robust social media customer service strategy could be costing your brand significant revenue. Consumers now expect instant, genuine responses via social media channels. Are you equipped to meet their expectations?

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Why Choose Our Social Media Customer Care Services?
We’re not just about prompt responses; we’re about nurturing valuable connections and protecting your brand’s reputation.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart:

  1. 365-Day Monitoring: Our team keeps a close watch on your social media presence every single day, ensuring no comment or query goes unanswered.
  2. Authentic Engagement: We don’t just respond; we engage. Through personalized, professional interactions, we foster stronger ties with your community.
  3. Proactive Social Selling: Convert prospects to loyal customers. Our team is adept at handling pre-purchase questions, nudging potential customers to move closer to choosing you.
  4. Reputation Guard: Negative feedback? We’ve got your back. We manage negative comments and reviews, ensuring they’re handled delicately to maintain your brand’s integrity.
  5. Crisis Aversion: Navigating through social media storms requires expertise. Our proactive strategies and experience minimize potential backlash and protect your reputation.
  6. Actionable Insights: Stay informed with comprehensive analytics. Track your performance, discover opportunities, and refine your strategies for better outcomes.

Empower Your Brand with Exceptional Social Media Customer Service.
With B Squared Media, you’re not just investing in customer service, you’re investing in customer loyalty, brand protection, and revenue growth.

“So many great ideas and action from B Squared Media”

Thank you so much for the awesome conversations and dialogue! Our team always walks away with so many great ideas and action from B Squared Media. ❤

Melissa Castagna

Sr. Director, Member Experience


Our team can improve response times by over 3,500%. Yes, really.

Prompt and genuine responses on social media aren’t just a ‘nice-to-have’; they’re a necessity in delivering a top-tier customer experience (CX). With our 365 monitoring, we ensure every message receives the attention it deserves, making your customers feel genuinely valued.

Why Our Approach Resonates:

  • Every Day Vigilance: We keep an eagle eye on your channels, so no customer query or comment goes unanswered.
  • Authentic Conversations: Genuine brand interactions are central to a stellar customer experience. We’ve seen and shaped this evolution.
  • Proven Impact: We’ve transformed response times for global brands, soaring from over 20 hours to a swift 10 minutes – that’s a remarkable 3,791% improvement!

Experience unparalleled responsiveness and connection with your audience with B Squared Media.

Dive into our case study to see how.

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Unlock the Power of Customer Acquisition with Social Media Customer Service.

Sure, your creative agency might excel at content, but are they versed in harnessing customer experience (CX) for acquisition via social media? And let’s be real, expecting your team to be active on nights, weekends, and holidays is not sustainable.

Most programs in the social media customer service domain prioritize retention, and while that’s crucial, it’s only half the equation. Acquiring new customers is indispensable for long-term success. Why settle for one when you can efficiently achieve both? Delivering impeccable customer support on social media can be your ticket to both acquisition and retention.

Here’s How B Squared Media Elevates Your Social Media Strategy:

  1. Proactive Engagement: We don’t just wait for customers to come to us; we actively engage, setting the stage for lasting relationships.
  2. Exceptional Experiences: Through unmatched customer interactions, we ensure that prospects become loyal patrons.
  3. Tangible Results: Brands that engage with their customers on social media report a revenue surge of 20-40% on average.

With our expertise in social media customer care, let us amplify your brand’s voice and vision, driving meaningful engagements and conversions.

“Provided service with a smile”

When I look back on this crazy year, I am so incredibly thankful that the B Squared Team has become a part of the Brother family. With their help we have significantly increased response times across several of our top social accounts, truly demonstrating our At Your Side service philosophy. Additionally the one on one personalized engagement has allowed our customers to understand that we are listening and our communities are very important to us. The B Squared team no matter what is thrown their way have provided service with a smile even when people haven't been very nice. Thank you B Squared - You are all truly AWESOME SAUCE!!!!

Kelly Hodrick

Manager, Social Media Strategy

Brother International

Empathetic. Efficient. Exceptional. That’s B Squared Media.

Why partner with us for your social media customer care needs?

  1. Always On: We’re available all year round, holidays included.
  2. Tailored Timeliness: Our response times are adjusted to perfectly align with your requirements.
  3. Optimized Budget: Get the expertise of an entire team for the price of just one or two in-house hires.
  4. Smart yet Personal: We leverage advanced tools, such as AI, but never compromise on human touch. Your customers experience empathy-driven, personalized interactions.
  5. Efficient Triage System: We meticulously categorize support requests and complaints, ensuring swift and appropriate responses.
  6. Dynamic FAQ Management: Not just managing but evolving your FAQ documentation to address new scenarios, offering recommended copy adjustments.
  7. Acquisition-Focused Conversations: We pinpoint social discussions that signal acquisition intent. By joining hands, we can execute effective social selling strategies, addressing pre-purchase queries, and converting prospects seamlessly.

Elevate your brand’s presence. From refining customer experiences and boosting brand recognition to driving increased revenue — all via strategic social media engagement. B Squared Media’s customer care services have you covered.

Keen to take the next step? Speak directly with our CEO, Brooke Sellas. Her insights are invaluable, and the initial consultation won’t cost a dime.

Want a taste of our expertise? Try our Social Media Mystery Shop. We’ll evaluate your brand on social platforms and give you a comprehensive report on how you’re doing.

B Squared Media: Your Top-tier Social Media Customer Service Ally in the USA.

In today’s connected world, the mantra is simple: Connect, Converse, Convert. With over 15 years immersed in the nuances of social media, we don’t just believe in this — we live it. Our motto, Think Conversation, Not Campaign™, isn’t just a tagline. It’s a philosophy so compelling that our CEO penned an entire book on it: Conversations That Connect.

Harnessing our extensive experience and insights, we’ve crafted a unique formula that makes social media customer service systematic and effective. From marketing and social media to CX and support teams, we’ve championed our approach across varied industries, elevating both million and billion-dollar brands.

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