Social Listening

Social Media Listening Services

Unlock the Power of Social Intelligence with Social Media Listening.

Your customers are constantly voicing their preferences, opinions, and experiences.

The question is, are you tuned in?

Harness the pulse of ‘social media intelligence’ to lead your brand to success.

Move Beyond Monitoring. Dive into Proactive Social Listening.

Traditional social media monitoring is just scratching the surface.

Our Social Media Listening Services empower you to:

  • Spot vital business insights that are often overlooked.
  • Understand your audience more deeply as they journey towards online purchases.
  • Leverage rich social intelligence to offer exceptional customer support, gauge brand sentiment, and extract anecdotal insights.

Why Embrace Social Listening?

✔ It addresses marketer’s key queries about audience behavior and preferences.
✔ It acts as the world’s most extensive, unbiased “focus group” for your brand.
✔ Conversations about your brand are taking place everywhere, both visibly and behind the scenes. Are you a part of it? Would you know if you weren’t?
✔ It’s not just a marketing tool. From product development to selecting new store locations, social listening offers valuable insights.

Discover the Unheard. Make Informed Decisions.
Social listening is more than just a marketing tool. It has revolutionized how we work with clients to approach R&D, design products, update packaging, and even decide on physical store locations.

Are You Ready to Lead with Data-Driven Insights?
Stay ahead in the dynamic digital age. Dive into the world of social listening with B Squared Media and let your brand conversations show just how much you care.

8 Suggested Ways To Use Our Social Listening Services:

Sources We Can “Listen” In On

Excellent conversations start with listening, and our social media listening services will “listen” across digital channels – 365 days a year – to go deeper and help inform your overall business decisions. Working with your unique goals in mind, we will analyze conversational data on social media channels, Reddit, and the web.


Tweets, Replies, Mentions, Quoted Retweets & RTs


Posts, Visitor Posts and Comments




Blog Posts, Forum Posts and News Articles






Posts and Comments

To learn more about our social media listening management services, book a free consultation with our Founder & CEO, Brooke B. Sellas.