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Listen. Learn. Take the Lead!

Consumers are composing epic ballads for companies looking to target them — if those companies are listening. This data, what we call ‘social media intelligence’, is available to you on social channels and across the web. Most people just don’t know where to look.

Social media monitoring is reactive. Get proactive with social listening.

Our Social Media Listening Services allow you to hone in on key business messages that may have been missed, as well as the ability to gather social intelligence on your audiences, communities, and customers take while on the path to purchase.

Once identified, we’ll use the social intelligence we’ve gathered to provide your business with valuable customer support, brand sentiment, and anecdotal insights that will help you make better data-driven decisions for almost any department under your roof.

Why is social listening important?

  • Social media listening answers lots of fundamental questions that marketers have, including inquires about their audiences and communities.
  • Social listening is the largest “focus group” for nearly any brand (but without the bias of traditional focus groups).
  • Because key conversations about your brand are happening with AND without you! Our clients are constantly surprised by conversations where they aren’t mentioned, tagged, or messaged directly.
  • It’s more than an investment marketing or advertising; we’ve used social listening to help R&D, product teams, packaging updates, and even choosing brick-and-mortar store locations.

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions with Social Listening Services:

Sources We Can “Listen” In On

Excellent conversations start with listening, and our social media listening services will “listen” across digital channels – 365 days a year – to go deeper and help inform your overall business decisions. Working with your unique goals in mind, we will analyze conversational data on social media channels, Reddit, and the web.


Tweets, Replies, Mentions, Quoted Retweets & RTs


Posts, Visitor Posts and Comments




Blog Posts, Forum Posts and News Articles






Posts and Comments

To learn more about our social media listening management services, book a free consultation with our Founder & CEO, Brooke B. Sellas.