How We Snagged 3,661 New Member Signups in Only Six Weeks

Trust Insights and B Squared Media were essential to hitting our 2020 acquisition goal. They found an opening in the market where we could invest to bring in new Members. This was especially helpful during a time when it was difficult to find an advertising channel we had not already saturated. They were excellent partners, working with us daily through strategy sessions – right alongside our in-house team – and they kept their foot on the gas with daily optimization until the very end.

Lori Seaman

Managing Director of Digital Products & Performance

AAA Club Alliance

B Squared Media’s modern approach to advertising focuses on the power of relevancy and precision targeting. Coupled with Trust Insights’ proprietary methodology for managing keyword research and natural language processing, we were able to overdeliver in a demanding advertising climate.

Read our case study to see:

  • Our proven 7-step modern advertising methodology
  • How we hit the client’s goals when they had branded campaigns already running
  • Proof that non-branded keyword campaigns can garner results
  • The importance of changing geographic targeting often
  • How our unique partnership allowed us to find hidden opportunities – and quickly

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CASE STUDY: Driving Membership Acquisition with Modern Advertising Methods

Are your ad results abysmal? Is your copy capturing the attention of your audience or leading to advertising apathy? Ad saturation and over-targeting mean you have to take a different, data-driven, and modern approach with your advertising strategy.

Our client, AAA Club Alliance (ACA), needed to generate 2,000 member signups using Google Ads within six weeks in an extremely saturated market. B Squared Media partnered with analytics and data scientists at Trust Insights to build and launch campaigns in short order.

AAA Club Alliance

Download our case study now (no signup required) to learn how we beat our target goal by 183% while still achieving 15.6% cost reductions.

Proven results. Fast.

The client wanted 2,000 new member signups in 6 weeks. We thought that felt a little low.

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… while saving money.

ACA’s cost-per-acquisition was $120. While we were nearly doubling their signups, we figured we’d save them some money too.

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