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How B Squared Media Turned a Low-Search Volume Campaign into 166% More Leads From Search Engine Marketing

The Problem

Lippincott® HCP Access requires Results leads in a niche market with low search volume keywords.

B Squared Media was tasked with finding and testing multiple keywords to ensure their Google Ads produced an acceptable lead volume.

Wolters Kluwer

B Squared Media works closely with our advertising team to monitor industry trends and to keep the campaigns humming along efficiently with our cost per lead top of mind.

Aaron Kripke

Senior Manager of Lippincott® HCP Access

Wolters Kluwer

The Solution

Our approach was two-pronged: closely monitoring nonperforming keywords, while allowing high-performing keywords to be optimized for lead conversion. We continually tested and optimized the keywords to reduce the overall cost per lead.

Our Approach:

  • Testing multiple bidding strategies
  • Focus on high-performing keywords to reduce costs
  • Extensive keyword research (our team evaluated more than 10,000)
  • Multivariate ad testing to identify top-performing copy
  • Conversion-focused landing pages

Paid media results…

Through B Squared Media’s Paid Media Management Services, the client saw a 166% increase in leads, from 82 (in 2020) to 218 (in 2021).

Learn how we pulled it off.


Increase in Leads


Cost Per Lead
Cost Reduction

… while reducing costs.

Wolters Kluwer’s cost-per-lead was $59.98. We cut that to nearly one-third, down to $20.15 per lead, a 66.4% reduction.

Find out how.

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