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Being a remote worker in the summer has some major perks. Who doesn’t want to work at the pool, beach, while camping and RV’ing across the country, or on the plane when traveling to exciting destinations? That’s why we decided now is the perfect time for our 2021 summer must-haves for remote workers.

As long as you can maintain concentration and complete tasks at hand like a pro, then remote work is the best way to go!

Our team members at B Squared Media are experts when it comes to remote work life. In fact, we recently delved into A Comprehensive Approach To Onboarding New Team Members when you are a fully remote company.

This blog was so fun to put together, so read on for summer must-haves for remote workers!

Stay Charged & Connected Wherever You Wander

Have Hotspot, Will Travel. First things first, you need the internet! You can’t go wrong with investing in a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for secure and reliable internet access anywhere you go. There are many options out there; Amazon carries a great Skyroam WiFi which you can find here.


Charging Station. If you’re traveling by car or RV, then you need a charging station that can keep your battery going until it’s quitting time for the day. This Jackery solar-powered portable power station is ideal when your devices need more juice!

Be Cool, Not All…Uncool

Portable Air Conditioners for the win! There are many sizes for portable air conditioners, so depending on your price point, the sky’s the limit here. This one happens to be under $40 and can sit on your patio table if you want to work outside and enjoy the sunshine! But, if you’d like to splurge a bit, Sharper Image offers an outdoor AC unit that will cool off a larger area.


Personal cooling system. Bed Bath & Beyond carries an, even more, portable personal AC device by Arctic Air. You can shop this item, which hangs around your neck here.

Sunshade…but for your laptop. Hear me out! This contraption does look funny (see below), but it will keep the glare off your screen and keep your laptop in the shade. You can purchase it here for under $100.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydration Is Key. Igloo has a fun retro 80’s collection right now. What else screams summer more than bright neon on your outdoor cooler? If you’d like to go a little more high-end, then check out the Yeti collection too.


Brew On The Go. WACACO created your traveling brew system when you’re away from home. You can shop their portable coffee maker and insulated travel mug here. And you can purchase this temp-controlled coffee mug by Ember that allows you to temp control through an app on your phone here. Beverages stay hot for up to three hours!


Happy Hour Hydration. These Skinny Freezer Vodka Martini ice pops are the perfect post-shift, happy hour treat!

Comfortable Workstations

Having Somewhere Comfortable To Sit Is A Must-Have For Remote Workers. This portable seat cushion from Purple is a great start. And this BroadOut portable chair will go anywhere – from the park to wherever you set up camp.

Portable Desks To Give Your Lap A Break. You’ll have a hard time bringing everything you typically use when working from home. But this laptop desk will help you balance the devices you need while sitting anywhere. Bonus, it comes with a mini light!


Standing Desk After A Long Ride. Prefer to stand and stretch your legs after a long RV ride? Then this portable standing desk is your best bet. You can also shop from San Diego-based company, Ready Desk (seen below), or go high-end with this Harmoni desk here. All of these are great options whether you’re traveling with them, or simply taking them to your backyard to complete the day’s tasks.


Organize Your Space

Keep Everything In One Place. A big summer must-have for remote workers is an organization system designed specifically for travel. The So-Mine Commuter Essential Bag (pictured below) and this electronics cable bag are perfect for storing your devices and power cords when you’re flying to your next destination or road-tripping it via car.


Portable Dry Erase Boards For Remote Meetings. If you need to take some quick notes or have a presentation board to show during a remote Zoom meeting, then a dry erase easel is not only convenient but also practical. You can find a variety of sizes here.

Outdoor Entertainment

Waterproof Speakers. If you’re poolside or on the beach, then waterproof is a summer must-have for a remote worker. These speakers by JBL can be found at Walmart, under $100, and a cool summer color too. If you’d like to invest more into it, then Bose offers a portable smart speaker as well, which you can find here.


Keep The Kids Occupied. Do you need to keep your kids occupied while you’re working? This fun rainbow sprinkler will do just that. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you run through it to cool off too!

Balancing Act. This standing balance board is meant to strengthen your muscles with micromovements from balancing while standing at your desk. Think you can master working and balance at the same time?


Summertime For Remote Workers

In the end, B Squared Media team members have been remote long before it was necessary during 2020, and we continue to enjoy the perks it brings now.

This list of summer must-haves for the remote worker should give you some ideas on how to fully enjoy the benefits of remote work life.

Do you have a summertime must-have for remote workers that didn’t make our list? Share with us in the comments below!

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