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I’m truly lucky to have an awesome sauce set of digital friends, cohorts, and mentors.

And yet, as I view my blog stats and see all of the NEW faces landing here, I realize y’all don’t yet really know Brooke Ballard (that’s me).

I also know that getting to know me — whether as a friend, cohort, connection, or client — is hugely important for understanding B Squared Media, WHO we are, and WHY we do what we do.

So if you’re interested in getting to know the funny, quirky, weird things that make me ME (and B Squared Media so different), read on …

I’m not going to give you the boring business pitch. This is about ME, after all.

What Matters Most

The biggest, most important things in my life center around family.

I have two sisters who keep me laughing hysterically … we have a running group text and it’s filled with one-liners and pee-your-pants funny stories.

Sister Shenanigans
Sister Shenanigans Thanksgiving 2014 (Left to right: Taylor, Brooke, Lauren)

My mom and dad are a constant force in my life; we’re incredibly close.

My fiancé, Alex, is my rock.

He keeps me grounded, focused on the future, and is the yin to my yang (we’re polar opposites).

He’s also going to KILL me if he reads this, but I love him the most for singing little made up songs to me, because if you know me you know I’ll break into song and dance at any chance I get.

Matty's wedding
My family at my cousin’s wedding. (Left to right: Alex, me, Dad, Mom, Taylor)

I can be pretty silly. Quirky. Weird.

I’m a total nerd.

I also have a very tight support group of girlfriends.

I’ve known them anywhere from 8 years to 23 years, and they’ve stayed in the “circle of trust” by being phenomenal women who know what it means to be trustworthy.

Trust is the BIGGEST factor in any relationship I have, whether it’s a family member, friend, or client.

The best way to peek into my personal life is to follow me on Instagram.

Oh yeah, and it’s probably important to note that I’m from Texas, so I say things like “y’all” (and always will). :-)

Now on to the ‘B Squared Media’ Brooke …

Brooke B. Sellas: The Double B Behind B Squared Media

UPDATE! I got married since this published and I’m now Brooke B. Sellas. I kept that extra B so I could still claim to be the “double B” behind B Squared Media. Wink.

Here I am with my brand spank’n new husband during the “send off.” SQUEE.

I thrive on input.

My mind is open and absorbent.

I’m naturally an exceptional repository for facts, stats, data, and ideas (especially random ones and anything to do with nature and animals).

But I don’t just collect that information, I yearn to share it.

To inform, to teach, to consult.

This is probably why I started a marketing consulting company, and why my latest gig (teaching Consumer Behavior at Baruch College in NYC) is fueling me with intense creativity.

I enjoy subjects that stimulate my thinking.

I deliberately seek relationships with people who are different, are “big thinkers” and inspire me to expand my POV.

Because I’m often pondering the meaning of life, I can be seen as aloof.

That’s not really who I am — I just need time alone, in a beautiful space, to collect my thoughts.

Even though I immensely enjoy the company of others, I enjoy my alone time just as much. Maybe more!

Self-reflectiveness is something I value. And often times when I can’t put something into words, I’ll write about it.

Writing helps me think and thinking leads to writing.

This is probably why I love writing here on the B Squared Media Blog, but also why I write for sites like {grow} and Agorapulse.

I’m a catalyst for change.

A Learner.

I’m not intimidated by new rules, circumstances, or changes – this helps me calm the fear of others (and is why I’m perfectly suited to be a consultant).

Challenges energize me; stagnation, or the status quo, is my enemy.

I push myself to learn something new every day.

Fun fact: I spent most of my years as a teenager grounded, so I took up reading to pass the time.

I thank my parents every day for that strict upbringing because now I can be found reading two or three books at a time.

Books often inspire me to ignite change somewhere in my business or personal life.

I’m a problem solver.

I enjoy helping people.

I’m organized to a fault (okay, and maybe a little OCD).

One of my mantras is to constantly work on improving myself; no one is perfect, but we can achieve great happiness by looking within and striving to become our best self.

I think this is why I love the psychology behind social media and consumer behavior (and why I did my undergraduate Honors thesis work on the Social Penetration Theory).

Adaptability has always been my safety net.

Everyone has a story; we’ve all weathered some storms.

And because my “storms” started at a young age, it’s easy for me to be calm and reassuring during stormy weather.

I’m fiercely independent (I paid my way through college – twice, have started three companies [soon to be four … stay tuned!], and reinvented myself career-wise many times over).

Being adaptable isn’t about “rolling over” – it’s about being able to read a situation and respond appropriately (and all in the blink of an eye).

This is how I’ve survived.

This is how my startup is surviving.

This is how B Squared Media helps our clients adapt and survive in the modern marketing world.

Brooke Ballard B Squared Media
Me, Downtown NYC

How Do I Know These Things?

I think we all inherently know who we are deep down inside.

For some of us, it’s easier to articulate.

I also have to thank my friend Jamie Teasdale for introducing me to Strength Finders, which is a book and test of sorts to help you find your strong suit(s).

I’ve also completed DiSC work (I’m a primary i style with no secondary style — which I hear is rare!).

DiSC Brooke Ballard B Squared Media
That’s me: Smack dab in the middle of i!

i = Influence, meaning according to DiSC I am:

  • accepting
  • people-focused
  • empathizing
  • receptive
  • agreeable

I think it’s incredibly beneficial to know yourself before you can know others; before you can build brands, and businesses.

And if I’ve put this much foundation into understanding myself and my business, just imagine what I can do for yours!

Have you done the work? Looked inside? Taken extra steps to understand what makes YOU tick? I’d love to know, just give me a shout out in the comments section below.


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Brooke B. Sellas is an award-winning Customer Marketing Strategist and the CEO & Founder of B Squared Media. Her book, Conversations That Connect has been recognized nationally and is required reading for a Customer Experience class at NSU. Brooke's influence in digital marketing is not just about her accomplishments but also about her unwavering commitment to elevating the industry standard of digital customer experience and customer marketing.
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10 Comments. Leave new

  • Absolutely love this, Brooke, and learning more about what makes you tick :). I have it on my bucket list to meet you face to face one day, my friend!

    • Thank you so much, Robin! I’m always saying how important the WHO and WHY are, so I figured I’d follow my own advice. ;-) And YES, we absolutely must meet IRL one day (soon!)!!

  • I loved reading this, Brooke. I already felt like I knew so much about you, but it all makes so much more sense now. And now I know why we get along so well too :)
    BTW, you forgot to mention your awesomely snarky sarcasm that we all love so much!
    But in all honesty, thank you for sharing your story. It’s nice to know more about you, your journey, and why you do what you do. I respect you even more and am that much more proud to know you (and refer you)!

    • Aw, that’s so nice of you to say Jenn! Thank you! :-)

      You’re right, I did forgot to mention my snarky side. Sarcasm is like ice cream to me — SO GOOD!

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave those kind words, it really means a lot.

  • Hi Brooke

    I felt like I already knew you and I had seen the photos but, after a careful re-read, this is a fantastic way to express your USP and to make little “L”s talk back. I admire your courage and how you walk the talk.

    This is a summary of what marketing is all about today: being transparent and conversational.

    And I did learn why we’re friends too! Looking forward to your new business venture.



    • Thank you very much, Amiga! I want people who I interact with to feel as though they really know me — at least until we get the chance to meet IRL! (I’m trying to do more of that this year, too) I feel like networking has shifted again, and although social media is great, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. So until I can do that with everyone, I want peeps to understand me or feel as though they know me. Hopefully this is a start to accomplishing that.

      I’m glad we are friends! Now I just need a trip to Greece so we can sit down face-to-face and REALLY move our Amiga Love forward. ;-)

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