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I’m in love with a stick figure. There, I said it.

Or wrote it, anyway.

It all started when we began molding and shaping the B Squared brand. We realized our website was missing something.

Not just missing images, I would find out, but missing the “Dude.”

Dude is the name I gave the cute, little stick figure I decided to use as our mascot.

And now, it seems, our communities are in love with Dude, too.

If you’re thinking of humanizing your brand with a brand mascot, read on!


I think my understanding and love of mascots came from my best friend, Lindsey.

She was the mascot at our high school … Vato, the Ranger.

And being her bestie, I got to dress up as the opposing team for pep rallies so Vato could beat me up.

We had so much fun!

Brooke (me) and Lindsey as Vato the Ranger.

My favorite was dressing as a dopey falcon and getting put into the Birdie Boiler.

Or the time we did an entire dance skit to ‘Da Dip‘ with the borrowed mascot uniforms of 3 other schools.

Even without my up close and personal experience with Vato, I thoroughly enjoy certain brand mascots like Flo (Progressive), the Aflac Duck, and Allstate’s Mayhem dude.

Think about the brands you love.

Do they use a mascot to entice love? Laughter? A sense of coolness or belonging?

That’s brand mascot awesome sauce!

In fact, brand mascots seem to generate more buzz for brands than celebrity endorsements do.

And as Carol Philips of Brand Amplitude told AdAge,

Mascots are the gift that keeps on giving. They never get in trouble with the law. They don’t up their fees. You can use them for a long, long time.

Too small for an influencer campaign? No budget to hire a celebrity?

Why not create a loveable brand mascot who does all of your influencing in house!


Dude Is Born

I have to admit something else, a total rookie mistake.

We bought Dude.

I actually emailed our web design guy with “Dude” as the email title, attached a link to the (paid) stickfigure artwork I liked in the body and said, “What do you think about this little dude?”

It was between Dude and some characteristically boring green shaped people; they were two dimensional, and didn’t bring Dude’s swag.

Our web guy loved Dude, too. And the name!

So from that point on, the name Dude stuck.

As we started to incorporate Dude into our brand — the website, our Facebook Page, our Twitter Header, etc. — other people started to fall in love with him, too.

Now you can find Dude EVERYWHERE; he defines our brand, and we consider him a part of the B² Crew.

In fact, our rookie mistake of not creating Dude ourselves has often had people emailing me frantically saying,

This page stole Dude! Here’s a screen grab!

Of course that page just paid for Dude like we did … but there’s a silver lining in making that mistake.

How wonderful is it knowing that seeing this little stick figure on other pages invoked so much emotion that people are emailing me, sending me Facebook messages, and sending screenshots of the “culprits”?

Heck, we even had someone ask if Dude would be their Valentine (of course he said yes!).

B² Dude with heart

We worked hard to incorporate Dude into our brand story and messaging, and it’s really paid off and helped us humanize our brand; to tell our story from a “person” and not just a logo.

Who’s Your Dude?

I know many people are going for major marketing overhauls, website redesigns and other branding redos.

My question is: Who’s your Dude?

What I mean is, how will your brand STAND OUT?

Perhaps a stick figure will set you apart, perhaps it won’t.

In any case, always be thinking: What am I doing to differentiate myself from every other company in my industry — and especially online where clutter and noise is eminent?

All of that said, we would like for you to officially “meet” Dude if you haven’t already.

We’re pretty sure you’ll come to love him just as much as we do …

For some FUN with Dude:

  • To play a little game of Peek-a-Boo with Dude, head to the the B² Blog homepage and scroll up and down from the top and watch Dude in his playful mood
  • Look for Dude in the upper-right corner of our Blog homepage and hover near the “peel back” area for a funny surprise and to see Dude’s ‘O face’
  • Check him out in our video on marketing with psychographics
  • Find him wearing shades on our website for a bunch of FREE marketing materials
  • Check out our Facebook Page where Dude delivers fun tips and visuals every week

What would you like to see Dude doing next?! Let us know in the comments section below, and your suggestion may just win! We’ll link the winner and their business in a blog post, on our social sites, and in our newsletter. 


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Brooke B. Sellas is an award-winning Customer Marketing Strategist and the CEO & Founder of B Squared Media. Her book, Conversations That Connect has been recognized nationally and is required reading for a Customer Experience class at NSU. Brooke's influence in digital marketing is not just about her accomplishments but also about her unwavering commitment to elevating the industry standard of digital customer experience and customer marketing.
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3 Comments. Leave new

  • Veronica Solorzano Athanasiou
    April 15, 2015 11:17 AM

    I love Dude too!

    I used a googled image at the beginning of my quest as a Facebook page manager and my followers really identified the business with it. Someone also sent me a message once that ‘someone else had stolen my profile pic’. That was cute but probably illegal.

    Then I created Sociable Yiannis but it didn’t stick, so I removed him from everywhere and still changing blog graphics with him in them!

    It’s not easy to find the perfect mascot, so enjoy your Dude success, even if he’s bought and not created. What you’ve created around ‘him’ is YOURS! (and it’s great!) Well done, amiga!

    • I’m so glad you do, Amiga! We love you right back. 🙂

      Finding a mascot that resonates with your audience isn’t easy. And many times I think people just use themselves or a real person. Which is fine! The only reason I didn’t want to use myself as the mascot is because I want people to fall in love with B2 and not me … as we continue to grow I cannot (and am not) the person people may interact with. It could be Jenn or Laurie or Tanya. So my hope is Dude helps people connect with with brand rather than me specifically. Does that make sense?

      Sorry Sociable Yiannis didn’t work out! I thought he was cute. Good luck on the next one!

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