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TikTok and Clubhouse are social media marketing’s shiny new tools. These newer platforms will either be a flash in the pan or a marketer’s newest outlet to conquer.

With TikTok and Clubhouse gaining steam, how do you know whether they’re the right fit for your client?

Read on as we help you navigate these shiny new social media tools.

Marketing On TikTok

Formerly know as, TikTok has established itself with Generation Z. In 2020, it was the most downloaded app and has cornered the market with 60% of its users being Gen Zers.

The reason this shiny new social media marketing tool works for Gen Z is that they were raised on social media. They are digitally savvy, socially aware, and willing to spend their money based on how their beliefs align with that of a brand. Don’t underestimate brand loyalty because this generation will go elsewhere if a brand doesn’t take a stand.

[Source: Statista]

Who Benefits From TikTok Marketing?

  • Brands that have a Gen Z base. They’re already on TikTok (as shown in the previous section).
  • Brands that are creative, funny/witty. With short videos, you need to stand out, and fast! Chipotle’s ‘Boorito’ campaign garnered 250,000 submissions and 430 million video views in six days.
  • Brands that have collaborations with influencers, of course! Double your reach and if you don’t have a creative partner, TikTok can help you find a match through their Creator Marketplace.
  • Brands on a budget. Content can be created in a more timely fashion than a “true” marketing campaign. And TikTok offers fun filters and tools to edit your videos.
  • Brands/clients with small followings can still gain a lot of views. You can read about TikTok’s algorithm here. Many small businesses are using TikTok and directing their audience to shop their products and services via their website, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • It can be for the masses (sometimes). Yes, I said it’s primarily a Gen Z audience, but this feta cheese pasta recipe proves it’s also multi-generational. Even food bloggers recreated copycat #bakedfetapasta versions and linked them to their sites. This generated site traffic, new followers, and sales as well.

Baked feta pasta viral recipe! Inspired by #uunifeta via @liemessa & @tiiupiret #learnontiktok #foodtiktok #foodie

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

[Source: Grilled Cheese Social]

And if you’d like to see who the highest-earning TikTok stars are, you can check out this Forbes article.

Reasons To Pass On TikTok

  • Nothing is guaranteed. It’s not ideal if your brand/client is intent on a ‘safe’ or ‘sure thing’ strategy.
  • They’re not clear on the ‘why’. It is not worth hopping on the TikTok bandwagon if your brand/client does not have something entertaining or informative to contribute. Don’t try to market through TikTok if it doesn’t fit the brand personality.

[Source: Social Media Tea]

There aren’t too many reasons not to try it, especially with TikTok on a course to hit 1.2 billion active users in 2021. Many social media managers will tell you that you can’t go into it expecting to go viral. Go into it as something new and fun to try out, and see how it goes after a few months.


Introducing Re:Make by TikTok. Coming soon! #tiktokforbusiness

♬ original sound – TikTok For Business

[Source: TikTok For Business]

And if your brand/client insists on trying TikTok, check out their new TikTok For Business profile above. They offer tips and tricks for making the platform work for your business needs.

Clubhouse For Marketing

Originating in 2020, this is the shiniest of the new social media marketing tools. But is it worth the hype? In essence, Clubhouse is an audio only-based social media app, but what sets it apart from podcasts?

The recent conversation between Elon Musk and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev may have something to do with the spark in downloads. And even if you’re not on the app, you are probably very familiar with this story, and Clubhouse is on your radar.

As an experiment, Brooke Sellas and Mark Schaefer recorded an episode of the Marketing Companion podcast on Clubhouse. Here’s what Brooke’s initial thought is on the app: “I think Clubhouse is the new “shiny object” and don’t see its value just yet.” In other words, the verdict is still out.

Benefits Of Marketing On Clubhouse

  • Exclusivity = intrigue. It’s the club everyone will want to be in, but you need an invite to attend. In May 2020, it had a mere 1,500 members. And in February 2021 alone, it grew from 3.5 million to 8.1 million global downloads.
  • Direct access to CEOs and other high-ranking members of brands. ‘Raise your hand’ and the moderator will then allow you to speak/ask. If your CEO or owner of the brand is comfortable and quick on their feet, then they are ideal to get into a room or create a discussion with others. It can be a great think tank for sharing ideas amongst those who represent the brand and others in the field.
  • A new community of influencers. Clubhouse and its community are taking shape before our eyes as they navigate their growing community. You can read this NY Times article about the new company, Audio Collective that recently launched to help build businesses on the platform.
  •  It helps grow your following. Being in a room and participating in any capacity is great marketing for your brand. Ideally, you will make connections, add followers, and potential customers.
  • Your Instagram and Twitter accounts are linked in your bio. Because Clubhouse does not offer a DM feature, they will need to network with you outside the app. This will give them more insight into your brand by visiting your Instagram and Twitter pages.

Reasons To Pass On Clubhouse

  • Exclusivity limits your potential reach. If you’re looking for a large audience, this isn’t the best bet right now.
  • High downloads aren’t always active participants. While the downloads have risen, there are only 2 million weekly active users.
  • There have been reported issues of lack of moderation and privacy practices. You just don’t know what others will say and who is collecting your data. Is that a risk you’re willing to take? For their part, Clubhouse has listened and recently announced the formation of a creative advisory panel to address these concerns as the community grows.
  • Your brand/client is not quick on their toes. If they require all social media content and responses to go through a corporate chain of command – this is the one to pass on.
  • The more people that join, the harder it will be to stand out from all the other ‘rooms’ on the app. Why should people join your discussion when a celebrity is hosting their own down the hall?

All-in-all, Clubhouse has a lot of things to work out to ensure its users a safe user experience. As for the marketing standpoint, it’s debatable that it will help smaller businesses as it grows.

If you’re interested in learning more, this Forbes article is a great perspective from a business owner who hopped on and grew her following.

Summing Up

Are these shiny new social media tools ideal for your brand or client? Like anything, it will take time to grow organically.

Many people delved into the world of TikTok during 2020, for a respite of entertainment. And as 2021 has taught us, Clubhouse rooms are the celeb go-to for connecting with their fans during a pandemic.

But can these platforms generate exposure for smaller brands? In the end, time will tell and nothing is guaranteed.

Are you using TikTok and/or Clubhouse to market for your brand or client? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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