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Feeling burned out at work lately? You may need a more productive office setup.

Whether you work for a big corporation or do most of your assignments at a local coffee shop, there are dozens of ways to enhance productivity.

Here are 12 hacks for creating a more productive office setup.

On-Site Office

When working in a company office, there will be elements of your surroundings you can’t control. However, there are still several things you can do to increase productivity.

Wear Noise-Canceling Headphones

Wearing noise-cancelling headphones is the fastest way to block out office chatter—and signal to others that now is not a good time to chat.

Some people need complete silence to stay productive, while others like to listen to music or ambient noise. Either way, headphones are a must.

Eat Lunch Away from Your Desk

It may be tempting to power through your lunch break, but doing so can actually be detrimental to your work. Whenever possible, take a lunch break away from your desk. It’s the perfect opportunity to network, recharge, and get back to work feeling refreshed.

Stand Up

The simple act of standing up increases blood flow to the brain, allowing for better focus and creativity. To make standing up at work easier, ask your company for a standing desk, or get into a habit of walking to the water fountain every hour or two.

Buy Plants

Plants don’t just look great—they also circulate oxygen and alleviate stress on the job. Ask your manager about installing an indoor garden for the office, and pick up a few plants for your own desk.

Working from Home

With all the creature comforts of home, working remotely can take a toll on efficiency. Try these hacks for a more productive office setup at home.Click To Tweet

Check Your Internet Connection

Laggy internet is a recipe for distraction. Sitting at your desk for five minutes while a webinar downloads on a slow connection can result in lost momentum and lost productivity.

If you can, invest in a fast, fiber internet connection to decrease download times to a few seconds.

Use Multiple Monitors

Using two or more monitors can increase your productivity by 20–30%. When you’re confined to a single monitor, screen space gets cluttered, making it more difficult for you to toggle between applications.

Invest in a Good Chair

Invest in an ergonomic chair that is comfortable and adjustable. Americans spend an average of 13 hours per day sitting, making comfort and support crucial for your workspace.

If you’re not ready to buy a new chair, try using supportive pillows on your seat for back support.


Working from home gives you freedom to customize your office with fun, personalized décor. Just make sure your decorating doesn’t turn into unnecessary clutter.

Other Tips for Productivity 


Dehydration causes headaches, fatigue, irritability, and a number of other issues. Staying hydrated with the oft-recommended 64 ounces daily is a good starting place. You may need more or less depending on age, activity, and size.

Keep Snacks Handy

Select a few nutritious snacks to keep on hand, like fruit, nuts, granola bars, and cheese.

You might even consider setting a snack timer to ensure you don’t forget to fuel up—when you’re distracted, it’s easy to ignore hunger cues. Going to long without food can lead to discomfort, excessive hunger, and bingeing.

Manage Clutter

Working in a cluttered space can make you feel anxious and distracted. No matter where you work, be sure to spend a few minutes every day organizing your surroundings.

Even in a public space like a coffee shop or library, you can wipe off your table or move extra chairs out of the way to create a clutter-free space to work.

Enhance Lighting

Lighting can be a big issue for productivity. Too much can make you antsy, and too little may make you drowsy.

Invest in a light therapy lamp or an ambient lamp to decrease eyestrain at your desk, and get outside at least once a day.

Nobody wants to feel burned out and distracted at work. Use these hacks to create a more productive office setup, no matter where you work.

What are your BEST tips for creating a productive office space? Share in the comments below!


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