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Do you have a social media rule book?

Have you thought about the rules and ramifications of using social media (personally or professionally) at your place of business?

According to Forrester Research, 64% of large companies “have no social media policy in place, or if they do, they lack tools to sufficiently  enforce and support the policy.”



Social Media Rule Book

You more than likely have a Handbook on Employee Policy, so why not have one on Social Media Policy (or add an addendum to your current policy)?

It’s important to educate your workers on expectations for employee behavior when using social media.

Freedom of Speech means we cannot dictate what an employee says about his or her work life. In fact, it’s best to try and encourage creativity and expression rather than be a negative Nancy. However, employees can’t outright tell

In fact, it’s best to try and encourage creativity and expression rather than be a negative Nancy. However, employees can’t outright tell lies or make slanderous statements about your company either.

Helpful Hint: A confidentiality agreement can put the kibosh on how much “speech” is allowed.

A social media rule book or handbook may be just want to you need to ensure smart social media use at your company.

What Your Social Media Employee Policy Should Include

We’ve got six places you can easily cover in your company’s social media rule book:

  1. Give the basic rules of what your company expects when using social media
  2. Outline common sense guidelines like no spamming, swearing or rudeness
  3. Give examples of how social professionals within your organization can solve the pain points of your audience (without giving away the kitchen sink)
  4. Explain the importance of grammar and spelling
  5. Show how your social media person/team can remain relevant and on topic
  6. Give instruction on content creation, curation and marketing best practices

So, let’s hear it … Do YOU currently have a Social Media Policy in place? And if so, what are some tips you’d like to share with us?

See you in the social sphere!


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Brooke B. Sellas is the in-the-trenches Founder & CEO of @HelloBSquared, an award-winning social media, advertising, and social media customer care agency. She's also the author of Conversations That Connect -- a book all about social listening and social media customer care. Brooke's marketing mantra is “Think Conversation, Not Campaign” so be sure to give her a shout on the socials!
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