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Influencer exhaustion is upon us and I do NOT want to see another unboxing story!

Have you tried Fit Tummy Tea, Third Love, or Article furniture? If you have, chances are it’s because an influencer promoted it.

I’ve noticed that I follow influencers on Instagram and podcasts because they can be more fun. Regardless of your preferred social platform, influencer marketing is gaining momentum and oversaturating the field.

As a result, influencer exhaustion is setting in.

Influencers on Social, Our New Commercial Platform

I won’t start a show until it’s been on at least 20 minutes- all for the pure thrill of fast-forwarding commercials. My only exceptions: the news and Survivor. Both of which, I’ve hummed along to Farmers Insurance commercials that come on. (Admit it! You’re singing ‘We are Farmers…’ right now in your head!).

We’re accustomed to streaming shows and eliminating commercials any way we can. It has helped us savor the little free time we have, but it’s a big problem for marketers.

Companies have taken note of this shift and are recognizing the legitimate power of utilizing influencers. In the next year, many more will push to allocate money toward influencer advertising versus conventional marketing. You don’t even need to have a big budget to start working influencers into your marketing strategy.

As is the case with many trends, once they catch on, the field becomes saturated and quantity begins to outnumber quality. Influencer exhaustion peaks when influencer marketing is wasted on lazy ads targeted at the wrong audience.

Influencers – No More Unboxing!

Are you rolling your eyes at influencers’ lazy unboxing videos on Instagram and YouTube? I hear you, and we are not alone.

Turns out, watching an influencer struggle to open a box with one hand while recording themselves with the other does not entice consumers to make a purchase. We’ve had it, friends!

Our eyes are open, and we demand substance from influencer posts! I don’t want to suffer through the fluff that fills IG stories to get to the good stuff. Show me how you style or use the product. Draw me and others in with story and substance!

Influencers Are Not Fizzling Out

Word to the wise: influencers are in no way fizzling out.

In fact, 39% of marketers will actually increase their budget for influencers in 2020. With that in mind, here are some tips to keep the influencer exhaustion at bay while effectively marketing to the correct audience for your product and riding the influencer wave:

  • Utilize micro-influencers. Their smaller following is loyal because they feel more connected and engaged. It’s a more authentic breeding ground for effective marketing.
  • Limit the ads being posted. Oversaturation will decrease interest in your company. I’m not buying what you’re selling because of an assembly line of products being unveiled on my Instagram stories.
  • Make the posts FUN while telling me a story! Authenticity is key! Do you know what I love? Ads on podcasts that are different every time. An example: The Throwing Shade podcast. Its comedian hosts spin each ad read to make them entertaining. I never hit the button to skip 30 seconds when they read ads. (Long-time TS listeners will fondly remember when Mail Chimp was a sponsor!).
  • Finally, I’ll say it again, enough with the awkward unboxing! Just show me the product and how you styled it. That’s what will drive me to purchase!

In conclusion, think quality over quantity and creative over careless because your audience is smart, busy and looking to buy.



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Rachel is a Copywriter for B Squared Media. She formerly worked as a Community Manager and a customer care liaison on various social platforms. She enjoys writing ad copy, blogs, and loves to get her virtual red pen out for copyediting as well. Rachel holds a BA in English from Rutgers University and is proud to be part of the hardworking remote team that makes up the B2 Crew!

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