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Influencers have been all the buzz as of late, but who are they?

Are they celebrities? Do they come from some political background?

Well, no!

In short, anyone with a decent following on any social platform can be an influencer. Companies are paying these self-made people to endorse their brands, commissioning collaborations that help them attract new followings.

Want to jump into the world of Influencer Marketing? These are the Influencer Marketing trends you need to know about in 2019.

influencer marketing trends

Micro-Influencers Are Making A Mark

Companies often target influencers with the largest followings because their potential reach is greater. But lately, even those with lesser following are being paid as influencers.

Why? Because lesser known people are more accessible. Influencers with smaller followings spend more time interacting with their followers. And while there are many reasons why online conversations are effective, in this case, if a brand is associated with an influencer who interacts, it adds to its credibility.

Micro-influencers bring a more “common” touch to brands, making them more accessible and increasing the conversation around them. Their followers also trust their recommendations, ensuring a better conversion rate. This group of influencers are also more affordable, giving you more bang for your buck.

Video Content Is Key

These days, many are constantly running short on time. In turn, visual content reaches far more people than written posts. More than 60% of the internet deals with videos and having an influencer go live with a product is a great act of brand marketing. Influencers can wear a fashion brand in one live feed and unbox a product in another.

The key is to making the video look as real as possible. Because videos attract more attention than static posts, many brands are integrating more live video  into their influencer campaigns in 2019.

Influencer Authenticity Is Being Monitored

Influencer marketing is all about living the brand. Brands are looking for authentic people who identify with them and their message.

Many brands are approaching influencers who are already using their products. Honest feedback from influencers can also be valuable to a brand’s progress.

Another interesting aspect of the influencer space is the rise of follower fraud. Some influencers have been caught buying followers to win the rat race of “Who’s more visible?” This has created a challenge for brands who want to work with influencers whose followings truly have the potential to be interested in their products. In 2018, Instagram took measures to crack down on the issue, putting priority on active engagements and interactions over number of followers.

Measuring ROI Is Important

Measuring ROI (return on investment) is an important aspect of evaluating any marketing campaign, including those that involve influencers. In order to develop effective strategies and determine which influencers are right for their objectives, brands are keeping track of what methods create the highest return value.

Evaluating the social analytics of these campaigns help them determine which influencers, platforms, and posts are working, allowing them to continuously improve upon their influencer marketing efforts.

Influencer marketing improves with each passing day as social media continues to serve as a digital marketing hub. 2019 will only take the existing buzz to the next level and you can keep on top of it by following the above trends.

Do you have any Influencer Marketing tips? Share them in the comments below!


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