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Do you remember the golden age of Staff Picks at Blockbuster? The B Squared Media team does and thought it would be fun to share our social staff picks.

In case you missed it, Social Media Day was last month, but at B Squared Media, we celebrate all year long!

Our team loves to share Tweets, Instagram posts, and TikToks in our company-wide group chat in Basecamp. It’s the perfect stress reliever when we want a quick break from customer care response times.

Read on for B Squared Media’s social staff picks. Because you never know, you may find a new account to follow!


Twitter moves quickly and can find users in trouble if they don’t think before they tweet. Below are a few of our favorites to drop in on when we’re not rocking online customer care or paid media management.

  • If you are from New Jersey, you MUST follow NJGov on Twitter. NJ gets an unfair rep at times. But NJGov leans in as only NJ can – with East Coast sarcasm. While they do provide helpful information, they’re most renowned for their snarky tone and quick wit.


  • Ted Lasso is an Apple TV show that warmed our hearts and made us laugh while remaining incredibly wholesome. Ted’s Twitter account is just as inviting and cozy.


  • Social Media Tea spills it all with BTS thoughts from real-life social media managers. If you know, you know!


For the B Squared Media team, it’s been important to have funny and lighthearted accounts to follow. The last year and a half have been pretty rough for community and social media managers. Following accounts that make us laugh creates the perfect outlet during tough times.


Moving onto another platform, Instagram was the most popular with B Squared Media’s social staff picks. It appears that our team prefers Instagram visuals, recipes, homes, and lots of humor. LOTS! Here are a few of B Squared Media’s social staff picks:

  • MyTherapistSays will cause severe belly laughing with their memes that, at times, hit close to home.


  • Passenger Shaming is an IG account that does just that. They were named Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Best Instagram Accounts” and refer to themselves as ‘curators of cringe’. Need we say more?
  • Midwest Ope is as wholesome as they come, predictably. See, B Squared is more than East Coast sarcasm!
  • MyBizCoachSays says what many freelancers are thinking when it comes to working closely with some clients.


  • If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, then look no further than SkinnyTaste. Our staff may or may not have purchased a few cookbooks from her as a result of following along on IG.
  • Do you have a case of wanderlust? Cheap Italian Dream Homes centers their feed on beautiful Italian properties priced under $100K. Can you imagine having the view in the photo below? As they say in Italy, belle case!


  • Speaking of enviable houses – The Real Houses of IG showcases swoon-worthy designer homes. The feed is full of inspiration and aspiration.
  • And of course, Influencers In The Wild. This account is everything in 2021 and happens to be a fan favorite with the B Squared Media team!


All in all, the B Squared Media team loves the ease and fluidity of scrolling through an Instagram feed. But keep in mind, there are reasons some posts catch our attention. If you’d like to learn more about how you can rev up your social media strategy, check out our previous blog here.


Unlike Instagram, Facebook wasn’t as popular with our crew. This isn’t surprising since they’re always creating unnecessary obstacles for the ads team. Additionally, community managers get headaches from the level of trolling that comes through.

But, we were able to find two Facebook pages that win at standing out on our staff’s feeds.

  • Are you as obsessed with looking at Zillow real estate as we are? Zillow Gone Wild on Facebook has the best and most insane Zillow listings in one place. A tree through a kitchen? Check. The most ornate townhome in Arizona with an oddly plain bedroom? Check.


  • Brother Sews increased their Facebook live events during 2020 and it helped boost their creative audience of sewists. They continue to offer these free live events weekly with their brand ambassadors. If you love to sew, then be sure to check their Facebook Live events schedule here!


A few members of our B Squared Media team are slightly obsessed with TikTok. The most popular TikToks we share with each other? Anything with animals, of course! But we’ve also learned cleaning techniques, wellness tips, and watched more animals.

  • You don’t need to have past experience working at IKEA to appreciate the hilarity of comedian Scott Seiss. Created and posted on TikTok, but also shared to Twitter (and retweeted like crazy). If you’ve ever worked in retail – you will be howling at his IKEA employee replies to customers.

#greenscreen #bgcdrama #retail #fyp

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzz

  • OhIHadThat is full of nostalgia from the 80s and 90s. You know we’re feeling nostalgic here since we created an entire blog around Blockbuster Video Staff picks!

June 7, 1991; 30 years of Dont Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead! Let’s get a Clown Dog to celebrate! #nostalgia #retro #movies #memories #history #90s

♬ Entry of the Gladiators – Funsters

  • Gentle Reminders shares suggestions on how to be kind to yourself. It’s the perfect daily dose of self-care.
  • Another TikToker that our team likes is Dr. Julie Smith (below). She also focuses on mental health tips and insight.

See comments for more info. #procrastination #stress #anxiety #motivation

♬ Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond) – Fort Minor


There are so many great animal TikToks out there. But, I’ll leave you with these gems from two of our team members (and TikTok gurus). Enjoy!


♬ Immigrant Song – LA Thunder


Yes he is okay.. just a little ✨embarrassed✨ #catsoftiktok #cats #funny #fyp #birds #birdsarentreal #viral

♬ original sound – Whitney


The great thing about TikTok is that they are short, easily digestible, clips. Sure, you can still get sucked into spending way more time on the app than planned. But hey, we all need a distraction at times!

So Many Accounts, So Little Time

There are were so many accounts from B Squared Media’s social staff picks. It was tough to narrow them down! We hope that the accounts highlighted here brought you some joy.

Even though Social Media Day has passed, remember to check in with your friends and coworkers who rock this role year-round. It’s definitely not for the weak!

What are your favorite social media accounts to follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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