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Meet your new power team: social media managers and customer service representatives! This team of experts can drastically change how your company handles customer care on the highest level.

Did you know 70% of Americans prefer going on social media for help instead of making a direct phone call? No more waiting on hold listening to elevator music.

Along with rising social media usage, more companies are beginning to take action. In fact, so much so, budgets for social media managers are growing to meet the demand.

Clearly, your power team of social media and customer service is then able to respond to the good, the bad and the very, very loud complaints.

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Social Media & Customer Service – Perfect Together

In this post, I’d like to highlight why it’s vital to have social media managers and customer service representatives linked together, giving you the most powerful team needed to increase engagement while maintaining your reputation.

Recently, Brooke Sellas, CEO/Founder of B Squared Media, wrote about Social Customer Care vs. Social Customer Service, breaking down reasons companies should outsource social customer care.

“Many companies are not equipped to go beyond customer service. This is one very good reason these companies should outsource social customer care to a third party.”

Without a doubt, your customer service representatives don’t have time for everything coming through social. Bringing in a social media team lightens their load.

As a result, this power team becomes your biggest asset by listening to your customer base and being both proactive and reactive. Let’s face it, they do hear everything!

Your Social Media Managers

Hopefully, your social media team is awesome, and you can’t live without them.

Here’s why you need Social Media Managers:

  • They know their client’s voice and speak it fluently.
  • Managers easily answer questions regarding product and company.
  • They engage with positive comments, creating a conversation around the brand.
  • Most importantly, they know when to escalate issues.

Which brings us to…

Customer Service Representatives

Think of customer service representatives as your warriors, tackling issues head-on. Therefore, they’re also essential to your company because:

  • They provide detail to questions coming in through the social media team.
  • Customer service representatives diffuse issues with customers, providing solutions for both customer and company.
  • The ultimate goal: the customer is happy and remains a customer!

Imagine this example: Your business sells high-end printers. While your social media team may produce the perfect social media posts and monitor mentions, your customer service team can provide critical step-by-step instructions for fixing a jammed printer.

You may be saying, I know all this already! However, are you utilizing your power team in tandem?

Social Media & Customer Service: Power Team, Activate!

Once you combine social media and customer service, you enter customer care territory.

Your power team is now activated! Just in time too, because 81% of people who don’t receive an acknowledgment to their tweet will not recommend that company. That’s a BIG number! And it’s not just Twitter.

Over 150 million people direct message companies through Instagram every MONTH! Unquestionably, with high volume, you need a power team covering your social bases as well as customer service bases.

If there’s anything I can sum up here, people on social media like to see companies interacting with customers. They want a more personalized approach, not a robotic answer.

Above all else, they want to be heard, whether it’s positive or negative. The sooner brands embrace this, the more successful they will become!

Are you utilizing social media managers with your customer service representatives? Comment below with how it has helped your business!


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Rachel is a Copywriter for B Squared Media. She formerly worked as a Community Manager and a customer care liaison on various social platforms. She enjoys writing ad copy, blogs, and loves to get her virtual red pen out for copyediting as well. Rachel holds a BA in English from Rutgers University and is proud to be part of the hardworking remote team that makes up the B2 Crew!

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