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How To Succeed With Your 2021 Goals

There is no real secret to succeeding with your 2021 goals, it just takes planning. Normally resolutions are broken by February (nearly 80%!). This year, you may be quick to choose a larger goal as a means of countering all of 2020. Lofty goals are great but need support along the way.

What’s even more manageable are smaller, more specific goals. You want 2021 to be more fulfilling, not less so. Setting high expectations and falling short will only dampen spirits. Instead, it’s more realistic to have attainable goals with a timeline in place. Crossing them off an ‘achieved goal list’ will feel very rewarding.

Large resolutions typically lack in reality. But by breaking them down into smaller goals, you’ll be in a better position to hit your target.

So, let’s get into it, shall we? Read on for tips on how to succeed with your 2021 goals.

Think It

What are your goals and what do you think it takes to meet them? Ask yourself these follow-up questions if you’re unsure where to begin:

  • What can I accomplish in 30 days?
  • Where do I want to be in 6 months? At the end of 2021?
  • What short-term accomplishments can help my long-term goals?
  • When you daydream, what is most important to you?
  • What about this goal makes you or your situation better?

Resolutions typically lack realistic achievability. They are firm decisions to do or not to do something. Whereas goals are the object of a person’s effort. To think a goal is achievable, with work, is where we begin. Keep in mind, smaller goals can be added throughout the year to help achieve a larger goal of 2021.

If you’re looking for some ideas related to remote work, Hive may help get the ideas flowing with their list of goals. In addition, check out this article from EU-StartUps regarding goals every entrepreneur should have.

The most ideal goals are those that take away from stress. After knowing this, it helps to create sub-categories. Personally, my goals fall under health, relationships, and career. Those are each large umbrellas with lots of room for smaller goals underneath.

A few examples of larger goals that can be broken down:

  • Moving up/refresh in your career. Sign up for an online course or volunteer for assignments that boost you in an upward direction.
  • Creating a healthier lifestyle. Maybe it’s reading a book for your mind, or preparing and cooking a few meals a week instead of take-out. Perhaps you start by walking a mile, then work up to more as the month goes on. I think you get the picture!

Plan It

The ‘plan it’ step is vital for success. To begin, go back to basics and put pen to paper.

There’s a whole market that thrives on goal planning. It can be overwhelming to choose the best one, so NY Magazine took care of that for you with their list here. I bought a planner from an IG ad last week! I’m oddly giddy about it and definitely a sucker for IG ads.

[Image: Savor Life Planner]

If you operate more efficiently using a digital planner/scheduler, apps are a lifesaver. Checkout Lifewire’s top apps for goal planning.

Planning out your content marketing for the next 12-months is important as well. Sure things will change, but you can follow Brooke’s suggestions in a previous blog post.

One important note: there is no rule that goals need to start in January. Sometimes we need to give ourselves time to reevaluate and begin in February.  These are your goals, on your time.

Planning the path to achieving your goals starts here. Whether you prefer written or digital, visualization helps with accountability.  No one wants to move a to-do to the next day, and then the next. You want to cross that bad boy off your list!

Achieve It

Now it’s time to achieve it! In addition to the aforementioned planning, the goals you’ve created need to be tracked.

Tracking and achievements come in all forms:

  • Planners and journals are the most private and personal ways to maintain accountability. Track each day and adjust accordingly.
  • Social media accountability is another (very public) route. Nothing keeps you more in check than an audience following your every move. It’s not for everyone, but your social media followers can be some of the best accountability partners.
  • Remind yourself to take the win! Every goal has multiple pieces and moving parts, so take those milestone victories. Use that momentum to keep moving forward.
  • Take online courses. Whether it’s for your career or side interest, it’s a great time to steer the current stay at home orders towards your advantage.
  • Create the ultimate workspace. Need a refresher on how to create an effective work-from-home setup? Brooke wrote a post about it here.

Along your path to achieving your goals, remember to acknowledge setbacks as well. It’s never a straight path up, there can be bumps along the way. Don’t get discouraged or lose sight of the finish line.

Goal Getter

There’s no question, it is possible to achieve your 2021 goals! How you do it is personal and specific to you. The power in thinking, planning, and achieving goals belongs to YOU.

I’m a runner, so this is my analogy: this year is not a couch to ultra-marathon. You’d never make it to the finish line that way. Instead, it’s a couch to 5K. Then a 5K to a 10K, then you’ve built up to the half marathon, full marathon, and up.

The aftershocks of 2020 will continue to reverberate into 2021. Be kind to yourself, give yourself grace if you stumble. We can only go up from here!


What are your goals for 2021? Let us know in the comments below!


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