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Welcome to the holiday season and our 2nd annual holiday gift guide for remote workers! Last year, the B2 Crew had so much fun putting together our Holiday Gift Guide For Remote Workers. So, in the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, we’ve decided to make this an annual tradition.

If 2020 has left you fresh out of ideas, you’re not the only one. Sending a gift card can come across as impersonal, so let us help you out!

Read on for the B2 Crew’s 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide For Remote Workers.

Brooke Sellas, Founder & CEO

2020 has had remote workers trying to find their zen while sharing their workspace with pets, significant others, children, etc. There’s no better way to zen-out while working than with the Saje diffuser and essential oils.

I have the Aroma Om in white (gifted by our friends at Sprout Social!) and love to put relaxing scents in it to help ease my mind on stressful days. Try Lavender High Grade, Stress Release, or Liquid Sunshine (a personal fave with bright, citrus notes of grapefruit, lime, and a dash of bergamot).

[Image: Aroma Om]

Candi Anklin, Director of Paid Media

Since I’ve been taking road trips more this year than ever before, I’ve been really reliant on my Skyroam to stay connected while in the car.

Because of all the B2 Webinars, I’ve also invested in a nice ring light that keeps me from looking crazy on screen. I really love this one that clips on my desk.

Carrie Keenan, Director of Customer Care

I will never care how dorky I look with it on. This thing [Shiatsu Back, Shoulder, and Neck Massager with Heat] has been a godsend for my neck and shoulders!

Lindsey Zaleski, Executive Assistant

It took me some trial and error, but my recommendation for a remote worker is good headphones. You get what you pay for, and with so many remote calls & meetings, *good* headphones are a must-have! Whatever company or pair you choose, I hope it saves you some time and headaches!

For my general gift idea (or worker), Well Told is a company I’ve found at the beginning of the pandemic. Like many people who know me, I love a practical gift + I enjoy trips and adventures. This company has a wide variety of items you can customize for college students, special occasions, or places to remember – unique options for many gift ideas.Well Told Tumbler_gift guide

Karlyn Williams, Account Manager

These Acorn slippers are awesome! Not only do they look fabulous with my yoga pants, but they also have a hard sole making walking to get the mail mid-day a breeze.

Kaitlin Wichmann, 

When I started working remotely, I created this little remote desk setup that I take with me to co-working spaces or just use it at home. It definitely has improved my posture now that I’m not hunched over my laptop all day! AND I think it’s stylish and it came to around $50 total. I’ve got this laptop stand, keyboard, and mouse.

I’m also a big fan of my Passion Planner and this was my second year using one. It’s a great planner to use not only for work but also for focusing on your passions! I use it to plan out my goals for the next 5+ years and it was what made me decide to take the final step towards traveling full-time & working remotely.

And the last product I would recommend would be my Apple Watch! As a remote worker, it is so easy to get glued to your computer for hours on end but my Apple Watch motivates me to workout, to stand, and to take moments to just breathe. And sometimes that’s just what I need!

Christine Thompson, Community Manager

I think every remote worker needs a good candle! These candles from Etsy caught my eye right away and look like they smell amazing.

AND I LOVE my Himalayan Salt Lamp!

Rachel Michaels, Community Manager

My recommendation is perfect for remote workers! If you’re looking to stay hydrated and accountable, this is THE water bottle for you. I hate water but I also hate not completing tasks. So, it’s the perfect accountability partner. This gallon bottle comes in a variety of fun colors (and ombre!).

Kristy Morrison, Community Manager

A kitten! It’s my favorite thing about working from home. (This is what I see next to my keyboard every day).

Marisa Shaffer, Community Manager

Especially this year, we all need reminders to be grateful! The Five-Minute Journal will help you remember and keep track of what you are grateful for each day while providing an inspirational thought or quote as well. It’s perfect to get for yourself or gift to someone else!

And, The BEST thing I bought myself last year, was a new suitcase! This Amazon Basics suitcase has a TSA approved lock and is the perfect carry-on. If I’m traveling, it’s by my side!

Bonus Gift

We had quite a few B2 Crew members recommend the Nespresso coffee system. Nespresso pods can be recycled and the overall feel from the team was that ‘Nespresso is LIFE’! These are the two our crew recommended.

[Image: Nespresso CitiZ]

[Image: Nespresso Lattissima]

Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

That’s a wrap on the B2 Crew’s 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Remote Workers!

This has been a year where the things we want or need have shifted. And because of that, it can be tough to reimagine the art of holiday gift-giving.

We hope you found plenty of fresh ideas in this blog post to gift your loved ones (and maybe yourself!).

What gifts do you recommend? We’d love more suggestions in the comments below!


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  • The bonus recommendation of the Nespresso coffee system is also a fantastic idea, especially for coffee enthusiasts. It’s not just about work; it’s about enjoying those small moments that make remote work more enjoyable.


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