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CMGR 7 traits

The role of the Community Manager (CMGR) has vastly changed. Where we used to fill it with a friend, high school student, or intern, we now look to savvy marketers with serious know-how.

In fact,  CMGRs are arguably one of the most important roles in social media – as long as they have the solid skills needed to wear all the hats.

But what ARE the skills needed?

I attended social media week back in February of this year and Social@Ogilvy really nailed it on the head when defining the new role of Community Managers (or Community Director, as they call it).

The 7 Skills Of A CMGR

  1. Orchestra Conductor of a “Symphony of Content”
  2. Relationship Manager
  3. Brand Voice
  4. Crisis Radar Technician
  5. Content and Advertising-Targeting Expert 
  6. Fan Segmentation Specialist
  7. Performance Analyst

CMGR 7 traits

[See the full Social@Ogilvy article by CLICKING HERE]


Let’s break those skills down into terms we can all understand:

1. This skill could be a role all on its own; Content Manager.

  • The Good: Knowing how to connect with thought leaders in your space, and curate and share their content.
  • The Great: Skilled CMGRs are in tune with how to source, create, manage and publish the content their communities most crave. They know not to plagiarize — words, ideas OR photos — and they’re quite experienced at creating content on their own.
  • Better If: They’re nearly telepathic with what their real-time marketing. Think: Oreo.

2. Simple enough, right? Form long-lasting relationships with your communities. It’s just customer service!

  • The Good: CMGRs who respond in a timely fashion with helpful information.
  • The Great: Respond in real-time with humor, personality, with valuable information , AND starts conversations rather than waiting for the consumer to get it started. These CMGRs are prepared for, and take, negative comments head on.
  • Better If: The best CMGRs out there buy in to the Likeable tactic of “surprise and delight.” They’re constantly trying to figure out how to “woo” hundreds — if not thousands — of customers.

3. Finding Brand Voice can be tricky, but not for the seasoned CMGR.

  • The Good: While they have personality, you might be able to recognize the same voice on different pages. They haven’t quite mastered the ability to “become” the brand(s) they’re working for.
  • The Great: These CMGRs are constantly working with their clients to fine tune the way the brand would talk and behave.
  • Better If: The most savvy of all CMGRs have living, breathing brand persona worksheets that document the finer points about a brand’s voice and other characteristics to use in the social sphere.

4. Have a Risk and Response Plan.

  • The Good: Works with clients to uncover and plan for possible crisis moments.
  • The Great: This CMGR is so in tune with their communities that they often are able to see where discontent will rear an ugly head, and wave it off with a few, well-placed messages.
  • Better If: It’s always best if you have a plan, work continuously with clients, AND have the ability to anticipate the needs of your communities.

5. Segmentation and Ad know-how are key.

  • The Good: CMGRs who practice segmentation with their lists.
  • The Great: Understanding how and when to segment not only lists, but online ads, local deals, and other pieces of information that may not be fit for your entire audience.
  • Better If: Having a wide array of tools to use along with a deep knowledge of segmenting is always a plus!

6. Who are your influencers and advocates, and how will you maximize their presence?

  • The Good: Knows how to find, and appeal to, influencers.
  • The Great: Uses influencer data to grow their community with even more advocates and influencers; has recognition and reward programs in place.
  • Better If: CMGRs who want a deeper look at affinity, thoughts, buying behaviors, etc. will make it a point to incorporate the use of psychographics in their online marketing efforts.

7. Must love metrics!

  • The Good: Has clear goals, benchmarks, milestones and knows they shouldn’t all revolve around vanity metrics.
  • The Great: Is able to create and implement plans for tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that lead to ROI.
  • Better If: CMGRs who are proving a positive ROI for their clients are not only solidifying the Community Manager role as a serious social contender, but are also most likely getting more raises, more business and are seeing more success.

CMGR webinar


Get Tips From Real CMGRs

If you want more information about the modern-day CMGR we invite you to join us for monumental webinar where B Squared will host three, experienced and in-the-trenches Community Managers. You will have the chance to get to know, hear from, and even ask questions of:

  • Carrie Keenan:  A B2C & B2B (or P2P as she likes to say!) CMGR actively involved in the Wisconsin Irish community as the social media chair for Oshkosh Irish Fest
  • Rachel Samara: Deputy Editor (at large) for Russell Simmons and his Global Grind brands.
  • Jonathan Brew: Co-Pilot of the well-known #CMGRHangout and Community Manager to many, large brands.


What are your thoughts on the ever-changing development of the CMGR role? I’d love to know in the comments below!

See you in the social sphere!


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Brooke B. Sellas is an award-winning Customer Marketing Strategist and the CEO & Founder of B Squared Media. Her book, Conversations That Connect has been recognized nationally and is required reading for a Customer Experience class at NSU. Brooke's influence in digital marketing is not just about her accomplishments but also about her unwavering commitment to elevating the industry standard of digital customer experience and customer marketing.
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