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Before we get into last week’s Ready, Set, Podcast recap, I have to share some awesome sauce news with you.

Ready, Set, Podcast turned 21!

As in, we’ve published 21 episodes so far.

And in the spirit of epic birthdays, we shared some of our favorite moments from both myself and Mallie.

That said, we’ve only got one “real” episode to dissect, and it’s about the Community Manager Stigma with Carrie Keenan.

Carrie and I go way back (we all do!).

In fact, we go so way back that we’ve got some weird nicknames for each other, as in “Cheese” and “Jelly.”

That’s right.

Carrie Keenan is the Jelly to my Cheese, and I don’t care who knows!

carrie cmgr jelly

Carrie has this incredible knack for being quirky, witty, and EXTREMELY fun to spend time with, so it’s no wonder she’s a Community Manager wizard.

While her job means she gets to engage her communities in that witty fun, she wants to quell the community manager stigma.

Ep. 21 Carrie Keenan Says Community Managers Deserve More Respect!

“Hey, Carrie: What’s the skill set needed for an awesome sauce Community Manager?”

Carrie says it takes the following to really grasp all facets of Community Management:

  • Customer Relations
  • Writes well (speaking well and writing well are NOT the same!)
  • Marketing
  • Content Curation
  • Conversation Curation
  • Problem Solving
  • Know when to stop
  • Know when to bring the client in
  • Know how to leave feelings out of it
  • Know how to stay on brand
  • Know the client’s tone and voice
  • Know how to create chemistry with your audience

Carrie goes on to say that there are a certain set of personality traits you should look for when hiring a community manager:

  • Tough skin
  • Flexible
  • Fun
  • Quick-witted
  • Creative

You may be asking what authority Carrie has to make these calls.

She’s the Community Manager for BTC Revolutions, and their agency boasts many, well-known brands (especially in the food and beverage arena).


The Community Manager Stigma

The common Community Manager stigma: That we play on Facebook all day.

Being a CMGR is not all about selfies, food photos, and memes.

It’s also not book schooling or book smarts.

It actually takes an incredibly well-rounded individual to manage a brand’s community — and a dang-near unicorn to do it well.

Check out this oldie, but goodie, The 5 Habits Of Highly Successful Community Managers, where Carrie and a few other seasoned CMGRs talk about the 5 skills needed to meet the demands of this modern marketing job.

As well as this post, Community Managers: The Good, The Great, The Better If, to see what a good, great, and EVEN BETTER community manager can do your brand.

To listen to the rest of Carrie’s advice on the Community Manager stigma and what she thinks this role entails, listen to her entire RSP interview.


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