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Let’s face it, calls-to-action on Facebook are a must! You’d be hard pressed to find someone with a Facebook page who doesn’t care about engagement — and with organic reach in the toilet, it seems everyone is scrambling to boost the visibility of their posts.

But what about boosting the action on those posts? What about getting people to move past vanity actions like “likes” and comments and getting them to take the next step with your content?

That’s where these 60 calls-to-action for Facebook come in.

Use these examples to help you get specific; make the ask; TELL people what you want them to do next …

Want Even More Call-To-Action Ideas?

Before we start, here’s a little nugget for you. I wrote two posts 20 best calls-to-action and 20 more best calls-to-action and they’re both still some of the best performing content we have.

It’s just one more reason to reuse and recycle old content — just make sure you make it new again! This post, for instance, was updated from 60 CTAs to X CTAs in 2023.

So, let’s start from the beginning and discuss what a call-to-action (CTA) actually is.

What Is A Call-To-Action?

First of all, defines a call-to-action as:

“Words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action, such as, “Write Now,” “Call Now,” or (on Internet) “Click Here.” A retail advertisement or commercial without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective.”

It’s not enough to say, “Like my Facebook page!” these days.

Instead, marketers must think of WIIFM — what’s in it for me — meaning answering your audiences’ question of why they should do this thing you’re asking of them.

Look at these two calls-to-action for Facebook and see which one sounds more appealing:

  1. Like my Facebook page!
  2. Like my Facebook page where our fans will get Facebook-only specials and freebies!

I’m more likely to like the page of the #2 CTA because I know that by liking this page I will get Facebook-only deals and freebies. Duh.

And let’s face it, “click here” is just so lazy and tired.

Moving forward, use these 60 tried-and-true calls-to-action on Facebook (or any social channel, really) and watch your engagement grow!

Event-Based Calls-To-Action For Facebook

  1. Will You Be There? [link to event]
  2. Hope To See You Soon! [link to event]
  3. Seriously, SIGN UP! You’ve Got Nothing To Lose Except For [add your WIIFM]: [link to event]
  4. Save Your Seat! There Are Only [insert #] Left ➤ [link to event] 
  5. [Info on event] Limited Seating Available: [link to event]
  6. You Don’t Want To Miss _______ Because _______ [enter your WIIFM statement]! [link to content or event]
  7. ** FINAL DAY TO SAVE/SIGN UP/JOIN! ** [link to content or event]
  8. [Enter event title here] All The Cool Kids Are Going. 🙂 [link to event]
  9. [Event title] will have [#] experts sharing their secrets about [topic], including [tag some of the biggest names]. Make sure to save your seat! [link to event]
  10. Have you registered yet? [# marketers/people/use job titles] have already signed up to attend [event title]. We know you’ll want to join them ➤ [link to event] 

Product-Based Calls-To-Action For Facebook

  1. You CANNOT Buy This In Stores! It’s A One-Time-Only Offer: [link to offer]
  2. [#] people have bought this since it launched! See how it works: [link to how-to video and/or e-comm page]
  3. This [product] sold out in [#] days! It’s back, but you’ll need to add to cart now while supplies last! [link to e-comm page]
  4. See why [group of people] are raving about [product] and [feature or benefit of product]. [link to landing page with testimonials]
  5. [%] of our customers say [product] has [list common benefit of product]. See for yourself at: [link to landing page]
  6. LIMITED TIME OFFER! [copy for offer here]. [link to landing page]
  7. See the [product] that [did some REALLY COOL/AMAZING thing]: [link to product page]
  8. Help boost your [thing product boosts] with our [descriptive word: new … award-winning … highly-rated] [product]! [link to landing page]
  9. This is a fantastic way to [solve user’s most common pain point]:


  10. [Use user-generated content to promote a new product — see example from Glossier below]calls to action example UGC

Conversational & Engagement-Based CTAs

  1. What Are Some Of The BEST Examples You’ve Seen On/About? We May Want To Use These In Our Next Blog Post/Video/Infographic.
  2. ** WE NEED YOUR ADVICE! ** What Is Your Best Tip For [topic]? [add your WIIFM — like we will highlight you in our post] READY, SET, GO!
  3. Please Share With Your Friends And Fans To [enter your WIIFM — “what’s in it for me?”]
  4. What Are Your Thoughts On This [Topic]? ➼ [link, if there is one]
  5. How Would You Handle ______? (ask for responses; tie it in with your topic) [link, if there is one]
  6. Have You Ever ______? (entice readers to comment or engage) [link, if there is one]
  7. What’s YOUR Favorite ______? (tie it in with your topic) Here’s ours! [link to content goes here]
  8. YES or NO? ____________ (with an image)
  9. QUICK QUESTION: Do You Prefer A, B, Or C — We’re Letting YOU Choose What _____ Our Next ______ Is! (enticing comments or engagement or user-generated content)
  10. Please Share Below In The Comments If You Know More About/Would Like To Know More About [topic].
  11. HELP US SOLVE A DEBATE: Would you pick [A] or [B]? Or if it’s [C], comment and let us know why.
  12. POLL (use Facebook or the social channel’s poll feaure)
  13. POLL: [ask poll question and answers with 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C so users can answer with one letter]
  14. [Your industry] is hard because [reason it’s hard]. What are some other reasons you think [industry is hard]?
  15. [Create a 4-word horror story for your industry … “We’ve reduced the budget.”] Name another 4-word horror story for [industry/job titles].

Content Promotion Or Download Calls-To-Action For Facebook

  1. Grab Yours Now ➤ [link to content goes here]
  2. View This _____ To Learn How To ______: [link to content]
  3. Want A Sneak Peek At ______? We’re Showing Our Facebook Fans First! [link to content]
  4. Guess What?! This Is THE Solution For ______ [enter common problem you’re solving] ➼ [link to content]
  5. This List Is Filled With Resources For ______ [topic]: [link to content]
  6. What Have You Found That Works Well With [topic]? This [link] Certainly Helped Us!
  7. See The Official Announcement/Article Here ➤ [link to press release]
  8. We’ve Got More [tips/tricks/hacks/examples] At: [link to site/landing page]
  9. We Have A GREAT Tutorial On [topic]. Watch/View/Read It Here ➼ [link to video/site]
  10. Discover How To Quickly/Easily [some sort of qualifier] [topic] By Reading This Post: [link to content]
  11. Here’s The One Thing Every [person in your industry] needs NOW ➼ [link to content]
  12. [#] Critical Considerations Before You [topic]. Important read here: [link to content]
  13. Definitely Worth 5 Minutes Of Your Time Today! [link to content]
  14. We Asked This Question On/At [Facebook, our blog, an event, etc.] And Got Some Surprising Answers. We’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Too! [link to content]
  15. Give Your [topic/industry/business] A Boost By Reading These Best Practices ➤ 
  16. Feeling Overwhelmed With [topic/pain point of audience]? Here Are Some Tips For You … [link to content]
  17. Want To Be A [topic, industry, business] Success? (Of Course, You Do!) Find Out How With This Week’s [post/article/event] ➼ [link to content]
  18. Read This Post To [enter benefit statement]: [link]
  19. This Post By [tag company/brand — great way to highlight an industry partner!] Shows You How To [topic] 
  20. This Article/Blog/eBook/Event Will Teach You How To ______: [link to content]
  21. For An Example Of This [topic] You May Want To Review/Download These [free — add this keyword if they are!] Resources: [link to content]
  22. Join [#] of people [or job titles … marketers] who read this [topic] and [emotion word … “were shocked!”]: [link to content]
  23. Stream

    on [topic] at [date/time]. You won’t want to miss this conversation! [link to sign up]

  24. [Stellar stat from your case study or unique report]. It’s true. See how we did this in our latest [case study/report]: [link to landing page or form]
  25. [Quote from client/customer]. We love our clients and they love us! See what they’re saying about our [service(s)]: [link to testimonial or case study page]

Other Call-To-Action Elements

It doesn’t end with these 60 ways to prompt your readers to take the next step!

I’m sure you’ve noticed our little symbols leading to the link.

Studies show that arrows entice readers to “move” towards something (your link!), so try using these symbols when linking to your content.

Check out this site for some easy copy and paste arrows, symbols and emojis to use on your social sites ☞ I want free symbols. You can also use emoji with a similar impact!

What Makes You Click?

Now that you have SIXTY creative calls-to-action you can use, there’s no excuse not to add a CTA to each piece of content you publish!

Put these 60 calls-to-action for Facebook to work (hint: they work on more than just Facebook).

Want to know who is INCREDIBLE with writing calls-to-action — for Facebook or any marketing copy? The team at B Squared Media. 😉


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