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Make Viral Social Media Content

Remarkable content that evokes strong feelings of amusement, laughter, awe, or shock is hard to miss.

When a company creates such content, people can’t help but share it on social media.

Funny memes, bizarre photos and hilarious video challenges spread throughout the world wide web like a dangerous virus no one can stop.

Viral content occupies a distinct place in the minds of millions around the world, bringing numerous benefits to its creator. It multiplies reach, engagement and impressions leading to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue.

The six tips below will help you make viral social media content and ensure your brand gains more exposure.


Keep it short

Users don’t normally share content that takes more than 4 minutes to consume. Keep your message short and precise by accurately expressing your ideas but leaving out any extra fluff.

If you find it difficult to choose the right words, you can use tools like RhymeZone to find synonyms, antonyms, and adjectives to work into your post. UrbanDictionary is helpful for when you’re looking to incorporate appropriate slang words or phrases.

Know your target audience

If you understand what your potential clients find interesting, you will be able to catch their attention. For example, if you’re focusing on teenagers, you could create funny videos related to final exams, first dates, or school dances. If you’re targeting new mothers, relevant topics may include breastfeeding or child safety.

Dominic Benson, CMO at Canada-Writers, states: “You should step into your customer’s shoes to get an idea what kind of content he would like to share. Don’t try just to guess. You can conduct a market research and get a clear answer.”

Make it interactive

If you want your content to go viral, you should make it interactive: you can create funny tests like “What kind of family are you?” or “What kind of pizza are you?” You can do this easily with the help of tools like PlayBuzz.

Encouraging users to create and publish posts using a hashtag you create could lead to your content going viral. Take a look at the “In my feelings” dance challenge, launched by digital influencer Shiggy this summer. Shiggy created a video of himself dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings” and challenged his followers to do the same. Also known as the #KikiChallenge, it took social media by storm, and the song rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Use videos or images

You cannot make viral social media content without high-quality visuals. Your content should be unique, eye-catching and aligned with your brand’s image.

There are plenty of online tools, which will help you to work with media files in a hassle-free way. You can use Lumen5 to edit videos, and Pixlr to blur, crop and resize photos.

Create compelling titles

Clear, compelling titles help catch user attention and encourage clicks. If you want your content to stand out, you’ll have to come up with a catchy title that isn’t misleading.

Moreover, you should double check the correctness of every word you use. You can do it with the help of proofreading and editing tools like TopAustraliaWriters and GetGoodGrade. It will help you to make certain that typos and spelling mistakes will not ruin your viral marketing campaign.

Partner with an influencer

Your content will never go viral if you publish it only on your corporate profiles, where you might only have a few thousand followers. You should cooperate with a social media celebrity, which has more than 200k subscribers and operates in your specific niche. It will help you to reach a huge target audience by a single post.

Roland Fields, CEO at BestWritersCanada, explains: “The point is that people trust digital influencers and try to copy their behavior. So, it’s more likely that they will share a social media post published by Selena Gomez, than the same post published by a cosmetic company.”

Final thoughts

Only remarkable high-quality content can go viral on social media, so you should try your best to create a great post, which everyone will want to share. Don’t hesitate to utilize online tools, which can facilitate your work and help you to achieve better results.

It’s impossible to craft a valuable piece of content overnight. Spend time doing some market research and exploring current trends to help inspire a viral-worthy idea. You should put your efforts into creating something 100% brand new because your primary goal is to surprise your target audience.

What are your BEST tips for making viral social media content? Let us know in the comments section below!



This blog post was written by James Daily and Natalie Andersen. Natalie is a chief content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She believes that every piece of content should help customers with their problems and be engaging to stay relevant in the age of new media. You can connect with Natalie on Twitter or on Facebook.

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James Daily

About the author: James Daily is a professional writer and content marketer. When he is not involved in career-related tasks, he follows his other many interests, including astronomy, psychology, and cinema. Feel free to contact him via email: or his personal blog
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