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In order for visual content marketing to be successful, it must obey a certain amount of rules. Unfortunately, these rules are often neglected. If applied properly, these tweaks and details will add the finishing touches to all of your marketing product needs.

Here are the top 10 content marketing rules you should abide by.

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1. Colors – Less is More

Using too much of anything, especially colors can be a huge downer when it comes to content marketing using pictures and photos. A balanced mix of tones, the correct amount of saturation and the right order of coloring is crucial. Overusing too bright or too dark colors ruins the appearance of the advertising picture. That can really be repulsive to the viewers.

As the expert at, Michael Hill likes to say- “Never overlook the power of simplicity”.

2. Motion is a Necessity

The fact that people would rather watch an intimidating and attention-grabbing video than to read or even look at a picture is inevitably true. So why not use that in your power and grab many people’s attention by putting movement in your visuals?

Include the main information presented in the most interesting and inviting motion graphic you can put together.

3. Less is More Applies to Time Too!

When the interest is peaked in your audience, the videos used must be good enough to maintain it on the same level. To achieve that, the moving visual mustn’t take up a big quantity of time. Your videos should include an eye-catching presentation, shown simply in order to keep the viewer interested.

4. Monotony Kills Attention

The use of similar edits and demonstrations of visuals can, as well, have a repulsing effect for many. If you desire to get some attention, you must abolish monotony to keep interest included in your advertising visual content.

Be bright, be bold. Let creativity take over your work and notice how different ways of presentation attract different types of people. All that is left afterward is to sit back and watch the number viewers add up.

5. Quality over Quantity

Brands are often misled by the desire to have an immense amount of content, rather than to have a smaller but all high-quality content. This is a large mistake to make. Make good projects, rather than lots of them.

6. Keep Up to Attract Traffic

To keep the number of costumers steady, your marketing strategy must keep up with the newest and best ways of presenting your visuals and eye-catching content. Move with the times, upgrade and update the ways you edit your work, as well as the ways of presenting the products to make their advertising as effective as possible.

7. Consistency is Key

Posting too much can have a negative effect on your brand, the same way not doing it enough can take viewers away from your work. Be consistent, be determent by putting just the right amount of work in your visuals, videos, and pictures. Be consistent in every view, with posting but also in the way you present the visual content. Consistency means being present and persistent in the things you do.

8. Information is Expected

Visual content is a colorful and fresh way of expressing ideas. However, when used for marketing purposes, it also has to be well organized and packed with information about certain points and parts of your brand or product. Keep your visuals as captivating as you can, but also informative, keeping track of news and updates about whatever you are publishing.

9. Authenticity is What Makes You Stand Out

Keep your head up in the sky, but feet on the ground. What attracts viewers is real and down-to-the-ground content. What needs to surprise viewers is not the unreal appearance of the product, but the real and actual effect it has, making an extraordinary impact in ordinary conditions.

10. If It Looks Good, It Will Do Great

In the end, one crucial part of visuals is simply making them visually pleasing. The power of good looks is larger than one might expect. Make your content nice to look at and easy on the eye. Viewers, of course, always go to the brand that has the best looking visual, sometimes even if it is not what they were looking for in the first place.

Visualization is one of the best ways of promoting products or services because of its power to grab attention when least expected. Make sure you follow these rules in order to make your brand famous by the visual content it provides, making its success bigger by the second.

What visual content rules do you want to see added to this list? Tell us in the comments below!


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