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Monday social media post

Thanks to social media, I can throw out all calendars, digital and traditional!

Side note: I should probably warn you that this is another rant by me. It’s been a while, so I suppose I’m due to climb up on the soapbox, roll my eyes, and blurt out all things baffling and bothersome.

Oh yes! Who needs calendars when you have constant posts about what day it is?!

Monday social media post


“Happy Monday!”  “It’s Monday – have a super week!” “Back to the grind this Monday!” “Someone make a BIG pot of coffee, because (wait for it), I have a case of the Mondays!”

Those are just a few posts clogging my feed each and every Monday morning. What is it about Monday that’s relevant to your audience again? Yes, it’s probably Monday for many of them – but not all of them if you’re thinking globally.

Besides, common is just that. COMMON; unoriginal, overdone and overused.


Thank goodness we don’t tend to freak out about Tuesday. I’m still reeling from all of the Monday posts.

hump day social media


Lookout for Hump Day. It’s another feed choking update.

“We’re almost there!” #HumpDay “Halfway through the work week – WOO HOO!” And my least favorite and winner of complete unoriginality, “Happy Hump Day!”

The only thing that amuses me in regards to Hump Day is that GEICO commercial with the camel.


You’d think we’d get a little reprieve on Thursday like we do on Tuesdays, but no. It’s nearly Friday, and that gives us permission to tell everyone it’s almost Friday … you know, because how else could they possibly know this?!

“It’s almost FRIDAY!” “One more day until Friday!” “I’m taking a three-day weekend, so today is my Friday!”

Whoopie, freaking, doo.


Friday is nearly as bad as Monday. Maybe worse.

“It’s FRIDAY!” “TGIF!” #TGIF #FRIDAY “It’s nearly the weekend, y’all!” “What are YOUR plans this weekend?!”

And this goes on and on nearly all day … announcements about the day of the week. Any other announcement over and over would seem utterly crazy, am I right?

Saturday & Sunday

Weekend posts galore.

“It’s the weekend!” “Calling all weekend warriors!” “YAY for Saturday!” “Boo for Sunday because tomorrow is (wait for it) Monday!”

And then of course, we start the next week.

annoying social media

Why This Is Annoying Social Media

It’s annoying social media because:

  1. You have nothing to say; you’re just posting to post, or tweeting to tweet.
  2. It’s old, played out, and (sadly) everyone else is doing it.
  3. It’s not relevant, useful, or valuable.
  4. You’re treating your audience like they’re two, unintelligent, or just “simple” thinkers (I think constant quotes fall in this category, too!).
  5. It doesn’t help you build a loyal following, or teach them anything about your brand/what you do/how you can help them/why they should buy from you.

I’m all for the occasional “Have a great day!” or quotable quote. But there are pages, brands and peeps out there who week after week (after week, after month, after year!) post about the day of the week.

Much of their messaging is fluff; nothing meaningful; a waste of space.

Think Before You Post

I’m nearly certain that anyone with any sort of social strategy will not be posting (constantly) about the day of the week. But even if you’re not interested in being socially savvy and having a strategy, think before you post.

Ask yourself:

  • “Does this help my community?”
  • “Is it relevant to my audience?”
  • “If I received this in an email or by text, would I consider it spam?”
  • “How does this tell the story of me/my brand?”
  • “Am I doing this just because I know it will garner likes and shares?”
    • –> If you answer yes here, slap yourself on the wrist and put yourself in a timeout.

What are your thoughts on day-of-the-week posts? Do you do them, avoid them, or use them in a way that’s relevant and clever? In any case, I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments below!

See you in the social sphere!


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Brooke B. Sellas is an award-winning Customer Marketing Strategist and the CEO & Founder of B Squared Media. Her book, Conversations That Connect has been recognized nationally and is required reading for a Customer Experience class at NSU. Brooke's influence in digital marketing is not just about her accomplishments but also about her unwavering commitment to elevating the industry standard of digital customer experience and customer marketing.
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21 Comments. Leave new

  • Avatar
    Veronica Solorzano Athanasiou
    July 10, 2013 8:35 AM

    Thank you, thank you for the rant and for letting us know that this is not ‘ok’ and should be mimicked ‘just because’.
    I agree with the clever use of days for posting given topics, but the Bloody Monday thing, I really dislike. Maybe because I was always the nerd looking forward to Monday to go back to school and all the action with my friends, etc. There was no Facebook those days, so Mondays meant socialising for me and learning about interesting things.
    Don’t get me wrong I like resting on the weekends especially now that I start to slow down but poor Monday shouldn’t be stereotyped like that.
    Great read Brooke. Certainly sharing,

    • Glad my rant didn’t offend, Veronica. It’s not a “rule” out there – it’s just my viewpoint. And you nailed it … it’s a “just because” post. Like, I’m posting this “just because everyone else does.” Or, “just because I have nothing better to say.” Find something better to say! Adding value isn’t hard.

      And I’m with you – I love my weekends, Fridays and yes, even Mondays (I like jumping head on into the week), but you just won’t see me announcing it to the world.

      Really appreciate you commenting and telling your story! 🙂

  • Hooray! It’s Wednesday – happy hump day- and I’m totally commenting on your post without mentioning it! (OK – a completely useless comment start, but I had to)

    I think ‘day of the week’ posts are a bit of a cop out, and we are all kind of guilty of it here and there. I think of it as digital small talk, the same way we talk about the weather in social situations. I doubt it will stop, but the clever stuff like “Tuesday tools” kind of things, are pretty ok. And Caturday (on Pinterest) is awesome.
    Carrie Keenan recently posted…Common Sense: Stop Ignoring Google+ (HOA for #SMDwithSSC)My Profile

    • Haha – How did I know you’d be funny?? I think yes, we have all run out of things to say then rely on silly things like Humpy Day to say something. I also think that from time to time it’s not a big deal. But the brands that rely on these type of posts week after week might need to rethink their presence on social media; if you don’t have anything to say (or anything clever, anyway), it’s probably not the best place for you!

      Good point on the creative days! LOVE tip or tool Tuesdays because those brands are giving value for sure. It all comes back to value. I don’t think telling me what day it is does that.

      Thanks for stopping by and weighing in, Carrie!

  • I was going to wish you a happy hump day, but Carrie beat me to it. I talked about going for a run this morning. That wasn’t really relevant either, but maybe it got someone off their butt…

    Days of the week do set the tone, but you are right, announcing it over and over…redundant, overused and annoying.

    Have a great morning, Brooke. 😉

    • I think talking about your run is fine, Dorien. It shows the “human” behind the brand. Again, an occasional weekday post is no biggie – it’s the constant updates that make me wonder if you have anything intelligent to say.

      Thanks for commenting – and hey, HAPPY HUMP DAY. 😉

  • Great post, Over the HumpDay and Don’t ever fancy having a cat either way.
    Id rather Post a cocktail recipe on a friday than TGIF is like saying WTF.
    May Wednesday could be geared towards getting the weeks chores out of the way so you can enjoy time out on the weekend.

    • Thanks, Brett! I like that idea .. posting a cocktail recipe for the weekend or something clever like that. And a DYI chore list would be awesome. It works on Pinterest, so why not share the love? Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation!

  • I just have to comment about loving the Geico commercial…love the camel walking around annoying everyone in his office saying, “Guess what day it is? Guess.What.Day.It.Is”! Art imitating life? Yeah, I think so. Either way, I like it better than the little piggy going “Wee-Wee-Wee-Wee” all the way home. Ugh.

    Back on topic though, I like your post, Brooke. It’s a good reminder about posting appropriately on social media platforms for your audience. 🙂
    Jennifer G. Hanford recently posted…Social Media Sites Your Small Business Should Start Taking SeriouslyMy Profile

    • Thanks, Jenn! I definitely think it’s more of a helpful reminder than a rant, but you know, the rant kinda had to happen. 😉

      The teachable moment is asking yourself those questions (and if you’re being original, etc.) and learning to make better posts based on your answers.

      LOVE that commercial. Don’t know why, but I CRACK UP every time it comes on.

  • Heh.

    Office Space quote: “Sounds like SOMEbody’s got a case of the MUN-DAAAAZZE…”

    (insert finger in throat)

    Well, Brooke… I find these Captain Obvious posts about as annoying as you do… but I have to confess that I’M guilty of throwing ’em up there as well. Something about venting or just saying what’s on my mind.

    Thanks for the sharp rap on the wrist. Hereafter I’ll try to use your acid test and only post thangs that create value for my audience and me, in that order. After all, that’s what they are tuning in for 🙂

    Keep Stepping,

    Kurt Frankenberg recently posted…Another Case Study: Five Steps to Five FiguresMy Profile

    • Haha, Kurt! I LURVE me some Office Space.

      I think we’ve all been guilty of the Captain Obvious posts. And occasionally I don’t think it’s terrible. However, I see far too many brands relying on these type posts every week, if not everyday. It’s just time to call them to the carpet on their lazy and unoriginal, non creative “marketing.”

      I hope the rap didn’t sting too badly and that you’ll stop by again! I like to rant with humor – but it’s really more of a ,”Hey, don’t do that!” I’m just hoping everyone can be a little more creative and sensitive to what consumers really want. 😉 Thanks again for joining the conversation.

  • Avatar
    Shannon Baker
    July 14, 2013 7:41 PM

    I absolutely LOVE the hump day Geico commercial Brooke! As everyone has said, we’re all guilty of some of the “day of the week” posts. Depending on the industry you’re in they are great like “Wedding Wednesday” for that industry and “Motivation Monday” helps me find inspiration for the week. There are some posts that are just useless though. I second the motion to post cocktail recipes for the weekend!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Shannon – adding that value to “day of the week” posts can really make you shine (and make you original!). Love Wedding Wednesdays, Tip Tuesdays, Tool Thursdays … and yeah, the cocktail idea by Brett is pretty genius!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and weigh in!

  • Thanks for the entertaining post.. I agree with you completely. I will be watching your site..

    Have a great day…



  • All your posts are good and that is not a mid week Suck Up either. But the past I enjoy most and the piece that I think is the huge take away is the section on “Think Before You Post”.

    I say that because it leads to a great topic that I would LOVE for you to talk about and if I could gather the correct materials, and that is Digital Citizenship. If we skip over the Meme’s and the rant, you are spot on what other people are missing: being responsible to their clients and peers.
    Kyle B recently posted…One Out – One InMy Profile

    • Hi Kyle! Happy to “see” you on this side of the social sphere, and thanks for stopping by. I get what you’re saying … If I go around being all sappy and saying things like, “LOVE your audience …” people will tune me out. But if I add a little snark and humor they tend to read the posts.

      I’d love to talk about Digital Citizenship! We all have a responsibility (personally and professionally) to those we “serve” through social media. It’s harder to push the personal part — I do very much believe in the 1st Amendment — but professionally it should be more of a “given” in my mind. Social media can be a dangerous tool that can ruin all credibility and trust with your audience. And like any tool that can be dangerous, it should be used after a safety course, training, and then with extreme caution.

      Let me know what you’d like to put together on citizenship and we’ll collaborate – you have my email so shoot me something over and we’ll put our thinking caps on!

  • Okay, somehow I missed this post while I was out of town, but since it’s Wednesday….HAPP- okay, I won’t say it. I will hang my head in shame after reading this because I’ll admit I’ve posted some of what you’ve mentioned above – not every week though. It is fluff posting and most do it for a shot-in-the-arm-for-analytics-sake. Love your posts – it’s like reading what I’m thinking!

    • No worries, Mandy! And we’re ALL guilty of the occasional “fluff” post. I do it too! My point is to stop the constant fluff – we don’t need WEEKLY (or daily – GASP!) posts about the days of the week, or memes, or puzzles, or other “I’m really doing this to get likes and shares” type posts.

      It’s lazy marketing. In fact. I don’t think it’s even marketing, is it?? If that’s what you rely on daily or weekly?? I’m guess these peeps jumped on social without a background or any knowledge of marketing.

      Anyway – THANKS so much for stopping in and commenting. ALWAYS appreciate it! 🙂

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