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thanksgiving working post

If you’re spending ANY time on the internet these days, you’re seeing posts about working on Thanksgiving.

Some stores are open on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and maliciously making their workers work!


Some stores have closed their doors so workers can get some quality time with the fam!

OR (as one of my nurse friends posted on Facebook):

thanksgiving working post

Here’s the deal. I’m thankful as @!#$% that I’m working on Thanksgiving this year (and the past three or more years).

Know why?

It means that my little almost-three-year-old startup is still chugging along.

That clients are putting money in my pockets.

That my bills are paid, the note on my fancy new car is taken care of, and that I can afford all of that dental work I just bravely endured.

It means I can buy that stupidly expensive wedding dress I found at Klienfelds a few weeks ago.

It is the means for so many means … a way to live the life I’ve always dreamed of living.

It Could Be Worse

To tell you the truth, I’m thanking my lucky stars I’m working on Thanksgiving this year.

It’s still really rough out there, people!

In fact, we have a few clients who are scaling back because they just don’t have the funds, or have lost their own clients, or have slow-paying clients.

Cash flow is everything — to our small business clients especially — and I can see firsthand what it’s like to be struggling.

Thankfully, we aren’t there.

But we could be. And that thought keeps me going, hustling, and working.


In fact, for all of those people “fighting” for the rights of those working on Thanksgiving, did you ever stop to think that may be what they want?

What if that shift pays Holiday Time (typically time and a half, and sometimes even DOUBLE time)?

What if that boost in money pays a light bill, or buys new shoes for their kids?

Sure, there are some people, like nurses and doctors, who have to work on holidays because well, that’s the job they signed up for.

And as someone who signed up to do done-for-you social media services, that’s the job I signed up for.

What Working On Thanksgiving Means

Oh, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds!

I’m still traveling to PA to see my family (and my sister from Houston who I haven’t seen in 6 whole months!!).

I’m still going to enjoy my mom’s southern cooking, table talk, and probably get to watch my dad snore loudly in front of a football game.

Sure, I’ll have to sneak off to check on pages or make a post, but it’s not taking away my Thanksgiving or my thanks.

My sister from Houston, who’s a lawyer, just texted me today warning me she has some work to do, too.

I’m sure there are plenty of you reading this right now who have to put in an hour or three on Turkey Day.

Why not rejoice in the fact that we have those jobs?

We’re Americans for crying out loud! We work more hours than most.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s part of what makes us great.

thank you

My (Very Short) List of Thanks

So to round out this post, I’ll tell you what I’ll be giving thanks for (in no particular order):

  1. Having my own startup (even if it means working on Thanksgiving) and the clients to fuel it.
  2. Having a strong Community Manager (Jennifer Hanford) who is working on Friday so I can take a three-day weekend with my family.
  3. My family, who is the most giving, loving, supporting force you can ever imagine.
  4. My fiance, who knows what I look and act like after working 14-hour (plus) days, and without makeup (and still loves me).
  5. My dog, Chloe, who brings me immense joy.
  6. Our new neighbors, who have accepted us warmly into the neighborhood (and are always stopping by with goodies – HUZZAH!).
  7. My digital friends, who actually care what I’m ranting about and have supported me from day one (love you guys!).
  8. My best friends, who realize that I’m going through a selfish phase (hey, I’m working 75+ hour weeks!) and love me anyway.
  9. That we have the means to plan the wedding of my dreams (I know it seems material, but every girl dreams of this day, and to have it *JUST* the way you want it is priceless).
  10. That I’m alive, healthy, and loved by some of the most incredible people on this planet.

And yeah, you guessed it, I’m very thankful to be working on Thanksgiving!

Here’s hoping — whether you’re working or not — you have plenty on your plate, and even more to be thankful for.

(I’m really thankful for my blog readers and for YOU reading this post!).

Okay. Seriously. I’m done.


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Brooke B. Sellas is an award-winning Customer Marketing Strategist and the CEO & Founder of B Squared Media. Her book, Conversations That Connect has been recognized nationally and is required reading for a Customer Experience class at NSU. Brooke's influence in digital marketing is not just about her accomplishments but also about her unwavering commitment to elevating the industry standard of digital customer experience and customer marketing.
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  • It’s only “work” if you see it that way, and it doesn’t seem like that’s your outlook. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, right? It’s a great reason to be thankful. Have a happy Thanksgiving Brooke!

    • So true, Josh! I think it’s a wonderful thing too — to be working AND to enjoy what I do AND to embrace every aspect of what we do versus trying to farm it out (for now). Thanks for chiming in! I hope you enjoy the day with your beautiful family! 🙂


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