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Personalization in marketing is a necessity and a double edged sword. On one hand, your customers are easily annoyed with generic messaging. And on the other hand, your customers may feel it’s a violation of privacy.

Both reactions are valid, but that doesn’t mean you should find personalized marketing intimidating. In fact, it means just the opposite. 

Historically, marketing efforts have been largely based on casting a wide net with generalized messaging. Such tactics lead to less conversions and cause consumers to tune out. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of changing the channel during a commercial break…

Today, we have access to so much information about our customers. A lot of which they are freely sharing online. By using data that is readily available, you create opportunities for personalized experiences – and there’s a reason why using personalization in marketing results in increased conversion rates. 

Read on to learn why personalization in marketing is a necessity in 2020.

Personalization In Marketing

Personalization Plays Into Customer Experience

Customer experience is taking center stage this year. A huge part of creating a positive customer experience involves personalized messaging. As we mention in our customer experience blog, this can start with the customer service you offer over social. 

How awesome is it when you message a company over social and they get right back to you? The awesomeness only increases when they tailor their reply to the specific question you’re asking. At B Squared, we pride ourselves in the customer service we are able to lend to our clients’ social channels and see the positive results of those interactions first hand. 

Customer experience expands outside of customer service. One of my biggest pet peeves is when brands use retargeting to show me ads for a product I’ve purchased. How many times have you bought a big ticket item like a coffee machine or air purifier, only to continue to get ads for that product? If a brand knows when I’m looking at an item, I expect them to know when I’ve bought it. 

Long story short, you can’t go wrong with paying attention to your customer’s wants, needs and interactions with your brand. Using that information will make them feel seen… in a good way! Which leads us to our next point…

Personalization Leads To Increased Conversion Rates

An Epsilon survey of 1,000 consumers found that 80% were more likely to do business with companies who provide personalized experiences. In addition, personalized marketing leads to high purchase volumes. 

Mejuri recently targeted me on Instagram. I saw a pair of their earrings in my feed, so I clicked through to their profile. Their page description said “The new luxury. Fine jewelry for every day.” And just like that, I was drawn in. 

As I looked through their most recent posts, I realized that not all of their pieces were my style. But the pieces that Mejuri showed me were similar to things I have purchased from other brands in the past. Being a social media marketer, I started looking for ways they would know what to show me. I soon learned that 16 accounts I follow on Instagram follow Mejuri, many of which I regularly engage with. I also realized I follow and interact with other jewelry brands known for their quality, affordability and delicate design. It’s pretty clear how Mejuri knew what product to place in my feed.  

Did I mention I’ve made multiple purchases since seeing that ad? That’s the power of personalization for you!

Effective Personalization In Marketing Is Helpful

Have you ever spoken out loud about something and then have it advertised to you on social? Yep, me too. And whether or not our devices are listening to us, we can all agree how creepy it is when that happens. Consumer don’t want to feel brands are tracking them and they don’t like when brands use information they don’t remember giving.

When properly done, personalization in marketing is used to deliver timely, relevant messaging. In order to be successful, it must provide value to the consumer – that value keeps it from being creepy. Studies show that consumers are more comfortable sharing information if it will benefit them later. 

Another way to limit the creep factor is to be transparent about how you collect and use data. Let customers know how you are collecting their data, as well as how you plan to use it. Make it clear how those practices will allow you to better serve them, so they know you aren’t solely taking and giving nothing in return. 

Collecting data doesn’t have to be super advanced. In fact, actively pursuing feedback is vital to anticipating the wants and needs of your customers and target audience.

At B Squared, we love learning about what our customers want and need via social listening and sentiment data, learn more about that here.

Start Your Personalized Marketing Now

Now you know that brands using personalization in marketing are more likely to see higher conversion rates and create positive customer experiences. And as long as you don’t make your target audience feel like you are online stalking them, you’ll be sure to see results from however you choose to use personalization. 

Are you already using personalization in marketing? Tell us how in the comments below!

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