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new digital advertising rules

You need to get to know the new digital advertising rules NOW.

Consumer buying habits are changing dramatically.

Companies that focus on traditional advertising efforts need to shift their focus to the digital sphere.

Today, the most successful ad campaigns are rooted in digital marketing.

Here’s what you need to know.


Targeting the digitally connected millennial generation takes a keen knowledge of trending advertising platforms.

From interactive streaming ads to short videos to social influencer promotion, modern advertising is a multifaceted approach to reaching customers.

Check out the new rules of digital advertising and how you can leverage them for your brand.

TV To Streaming

What Used to Work: TV ads

What You Need Now: Targeted ads on streaming services

Who’s Doing This: Toyota

TV advertising isn’t going anywhere, but the implementation is changing.

Consumers are phasing out of their traditional TV viewing habits — 67% of homes with internet access use a streaming service.

Traditional TV ads are hard to target and even more difficult to nail down a return on investment.

Streaming apps and devices like Hulu and Roku are excellent platforms to target ads based on viewer demographics.

These data-driven advertising sales tactics are statistically solid.

A study found 97% of streaming TV viewers complete a video ad, a huge viewership figure, especially when you consider only 70% of Facebook users complete ads.

The interactivity of streaming ads is also a major growth opportunity; companies can experiment with where consumers click on the ad while it’s playing for a personalized experience.

Hulu already uses this level of digital tailored promotion, prompting viewers to choose the ad experience they want to watch.

Toyota ads featured on Hulu won’t play for the full thirty seconds until the viewer chooses the type of Toyota ad they want, almost guaranteeing Toyota delivers an ad relevant to the audience.

Digital Advertising Through Video

What Used to Work: Print ads in a newspaper or magazine

What You Need Now: Video ads on social channels

Who’s Doing This: Android by Google

Ads in print media have always been the bread and butter of the advertising industry, but declining newspaper and magazine subscription rates make print campaigns unreasonable today.

Videos are much more effective. They’re easier to digest, tell a better story, and elicit more emotions.

A study found 88% of businesses say video “is an important part of their marketing strategy” and 69% of online consumers would prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service.

Ideally, short videos trend better than long-form videos.

This is normal since videos must be under one minute to embed in full on Instagram, one of the most popular platforms with millennial consumers.

Android is a stellar example of producing a short, eye-catching advertisement that ended up going viral.

The video “Friends Furever” features different sets of animal friends playing together.

It’s a sweet, short video that has so far generated over 31 million views and highlights the message that Android is a versatile system that runs on numerous smartphone platforms and comes in unique designs—whereas Apple phones are one design and work best with only other Apple products.

Influencer Marketing + Advertising

What Used to Work: Utilizing free social tools to attract followers

What You Need Now: Blog posts sponsored by social influencer

Who’s Doing This: Sperry

When social media platforms began to develop mainstream audiences, organic advertising was a big trend.

Though this organic growth typically develops a loyal following of consumers and gives companies an increased brand presence, building a social base takes a lot of time and strategy.

Paying a social media influencer to promote a brand is the latest trend in digital advertising.

The reach of using a social influencer with a large audience is huge — advertisers get their product in front of an audience of consumers who trust and envy the social influencer.

This word-of-mouth marketing is proven to generate sales.

According to an advertising study by Nielsen, 83% of people say they trust the recommendations of friends and family, and 66% trust consumer opinions posted online.

Recommendations of social influencers have a big effect on the public’s purchasing choices, and many companies are beginning to take this route.

One company, Sperry, has tapped into Instagram’s micro-influencers to help develop content for its own Instagram account.

Just be careful you are up-front about working with these influencers—withholding the information could cost you like it did for Lord & Taylor.

Stay On Top Of Trends In Digital Advertising

Online marketing and digital advertising trends are constantly evolving.

The key is to be ready to adapt without throwing the old methods out too quickly.

Try out these three approaches to help your advertising reach your desired audiences.

What digital advertising rules or trends have helped your business stay innovative? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Alice Williams

Alice is a freelance writer that specializes in business and tech. She has an MA in Communication Studies and is passionate about helping small businesses.
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