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In this day and age, digital marketing is essential for any business that wants to be successful and stay ahead of the competition. One of the most effective strategies for reaching potential customers and growing your brand is by creating compelling ads on popular social media platforms.

These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube. With these powerful platforms, you can reach a wide variety of audiences with different interests, ages, locations and more. But how should your strategy differ from platform to platform?

Read on to find out how to create compelling ads on popular social media platforms.

1. Know Your Audience

The first step in designing effective ads for social media platforms is to know your target audience. Take some time to research their likes, dislikes, interests, behaviors and other demographics so you can create content that will resonate with them. This will help you create more personalized messages that are tailored specifically to your intended audience which should lead to better engagement rates over time.

2. Incorporate Visual Elements

When it comes to social media advertising visual elements are key. People are drawn to visually appealing images or videos more than they are text-based posts – so make sure your ad includes a catchy image or video if possible. If not then try incorporating bold colors or an eye-catching headline instead. The goal should be to stand out from the crowd while still delivering a clear message about what the ad is trying to promote or advertise in the end.

3. Utilize Unique Formats

In addition to visuals another great way to grab people’s attention with your ad is by utilizing unique formats like carousels or collections on certain social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. You can use these types of formats to show multiple images at once or even showcase products from different angles which can help increase sales conversions overtime because potential customers have more options when it comes time for making their purchasing decision in the end.

4. Optimize For Different Platforms

It’s also important that you optimize each ad for its respective platform – meaning each one should be tweaked slightly depending on where its being shared/posted in order get maximum exposure & engagement from viewers/users alike over time too. For instance an ad that works great on Twitter may not perform well on Facebook due to differences in how people interact with each platform (e.g., retweeting vs liking/commenting). So keep this in mind when crafting any campaign strategy moving forward! We discuss this more in depth below.

5. Include A Clear Call-To-Action

Finally don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action within your ad. Whether it’s asking viewers/users to click through a link, follow your page/account etc., make sure you clearly state what it is that you want people to do once they have seen/engaged with the advertisement itself as well! This will ensure better results overall because people need direction when it comes time for making decisions & taking action online nowadays thanks largely due to advances in technology/mobile usage trends over recent years too!

How to Create Compelling Ads On Each Social Platform


When creating an ad for Facebook, it’s important to use visuals that capture the attention of users and make them feel connected to the brand. Native videos are also a great way to engage with potential customers as they tend to have higher click through rates. To ensure your ads appear in front of the right audience make sure to utilize targeting features such as age, location, interests etc.

Hot Tip: Utilize retargeting audience on this platform. There are a ton of options including visitors to your Facebook page, video viewers, and website visitors.


On Instagram there are a few different types of ads you can create; carousels, stories and photos. Carousel ads allow you to share multiple images or videos within one ad which can be useful for showcasing products or services from different angles. Stories provide a more “behind the scenes” look into your business/brand while photos are great for featuring new products or services. Additionally using influencers is a great way to reach your intended audience in an organic way as well!

Hot Tip: Shopping ads allow you to tag products within the image ad. This is a really great way to make it easy for users to identify different products visually.

Instagram Shopping

Source: Instagram


Twitter ads should be short & sweet – meaning try to keep any messages within 140 characters (or less) if possible so that viewers/users don’t get bored & move on before engaging with your post in depth! Videos are also beneficial here since they naturally draw people’s attention more than text-based posts do too.

Hot Tip: Don’t go overboard with hashtags and emojis here. This is primarily a news-based platform, so users will expect professionalism moreso than other platforms.


When it comes to advertising on TikTok, creative & entertaining content is key – aim for videos that will go viral by utilizing popular trends & hashtags in order determine what’s most likely to resonate with viewers/users when it comes time making their purchasing decisions down the line too! Additionally using influencers could be helpful here (as with most other platforms) due to their large follower bases which can help increase visibility & engagement overtime significantly as well.

Hot Tip: Try to make your ad creative as native-looking as possible. Authenticity and organic-feeling content is really important on this platform.


For LinkedIn advertising strive towards crafting professional yet attractive messages that clearly highlight any benefits associated with utilizing your product/service etc., While high quality images can certainly attract people’s attention – don’t forget about including relevant keywords and phrases within marketing material itself as this will help maximize overall visibility & lead generation efforts over time too!

Hot Tip: A new ad format called ‘Document Ads‘ allow you to capture leads on-platform. The unique part is that this format also allows users to download a PDF of your choosing after they submit their contact information. This can all be done without leaving the platform.


Finally when advertising on YouTube focus on producing longer format videos that tell an interesting story about why people should choose your product/service over others out there – and make sure not forget include targeted keywords relevant topics within description section too which will ensure greater discoverability & viewership when all said done in end!

Hot Tip: Make sure your ads appear on appropriate videos. Bid on your competitors videos so that your business appears prior to a user watching their selected video.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. This is basically what you need to know about how to create compelling ads on social platforms. The more time you spend individualizing your approach to each platform, the more valuable your results will be.

As always, if you have any questions or need help navigating the complex ad platforms, reach out to B Squared and chat with our experts.

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Joanna Maher

Joanna Maher

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