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All that is needed to create a YouTube channel is a business name or any other name for that matter followed by a few clicks and bingo! You are good to go. On the other hand, it will take more than a few clicks for a channel to take off and sustain popularity.

Many channels have initially done well but due to failure to maintain the massive following, they have crumbled. There are others that stagnate as soon as they are created.

Knowing how to use the available content marketing tools will go a long way in increasing viewership according to Caffeinated.

Below are step by step instructions on how to use such resources to improve your YouTube views.  


Step 1: Research Keywords on Bulk Suggest

When it comes to search engines, keywords are the secret to being discoverable. These are the core words that best describe your video topic. Running the intended titles and tags through Bulk Suggest enables you to pick ones that rank high on YouTube search.

Bulk Suggest uses YouTube “Suggest” databases to create a list of keywords that start with a given word. Keywords are displayed in order of their popularity and most likely word combination. This gives you a chance to decide on which phrase or terms to use that will give your video an edge over others.     

Apart from YouTube, the tool also uses Google, Amazon, and Bing “auto-suggest” to show how a keyword ranks on the result pages. The aim is to pick a keyword that will make your video appear on the first pages of the search engines.

Step 2: Use Drum UP to Manage Accounts

For a channel to be successful, you need to promote it across different social media accounts. Having to create new content for the channel leaves you with little or no time to do so. Drum Up is a tool that will make it easier for you to share YouTube videos on accounts in different platforms. The following makes it stand out as a management tool;

  • It recommends what to create depending on the trends of your audience.
  • It offers a single platform for you to monitor the reception of your channel in the different accounts.
  • The platform also offers the chance to schedule posting of a video on multiple platforms. It also allows for content to be re-posted at any rate that you wish.

Step 3: Monitor Your Channel in Real-time Using Cyfe Dashboard

You Tubers have to keep themselves updated on the performance of their channel. This allows them to analyze the reception of their content amongst their subscribers. This analysis is based on finding out if the content is achieving the desired effect and how much progress it is making.

The findings aid in formulating changes necessary to keep the channel growing to new heights.

Cyfe is an online content analysis tool. It works by correlating data from the different social networks, where your channel features, and displays it in a single dashboard. Its platform has widgets that retrieve data from YouTube and other sites and displays it in different parameters.

From marketing to finances and sales, you are able to effectively evaluate the success of your channel all in one dashboard.      

Step 4: Use Canva to Create Graphics for your Channel

The visual appeal of your channel goes a long way in attracting new viewership. This can be achieved by using the right composition not only of color but also illustrations for existing and new content. Having to do this from scratch can be time-consuming and may end in futility. This calls for an uncomplicated tool for graphic design.

Canva is such a tool. It can help you enhance the presence of your channel on YouTube (especially with the templates and resources on their new dedicated Youtube Hub Page). This is a web-based graphic design tool. It’s simple to use and its platform offers design tutorials for you to learn on the go as you improve your skills. The app offers the chance to create simple graphics like thumbnails to video graphics that you can use in your channel.

It also provides you with an array of designs canvas to choose from. Apart from it being free you also get a chance to view different designs from the app membership for motivation.

Step 5: Use Tube Buddy to Assess Performance within YouTube

As a way of saving time and energy, you may find it easier to evaluate your channel’s performance without leaving YouTube. Knowing how the keywords you have used in titles and description fair in ranking will inform appropriate changes to improve your exposure.

Tube Buddy is a marketing tool that offers these and much more. As a management platform, it offers statistics on your keywords, updates reviews of your videos, and also help in keeping tabs on your competition.

Apart from these, the platform offers recommendations on how to boost your channel’s SEO. These can be through the use of keywords in different languages or making your videos appear as Relate Videos in others with similar content.    

In Conclusion

The right content marketing knowledge can make the difference between a YouTube channel that takes off and maintains the momentum and one that is a non-starter. Also with the right content marketing tools, you can sky-rocket your YouTube viewership and effortlessly increase your marketing ability.

What tips or tools do you use for increasing YouTube views? Let us know in the comments below!


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