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You know how sometimes you give someone a really good idea and it spurs you to try it yourself? That’s exactly what happened when Rachel’s most recent post about Holiday Marketing inspired us to create a Holiday Gift Guide For The Remote Worker!

We’ve all seen a range of gift guides from everyone from Amazon to Zara and now it’s our turn! Read on for the B² Crew’s holiday gift guide for the remote worker!

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A few of our team members (all remote, of course) weighed in on their top holiday gifts this year. See all of our recommendations below!

Brooke B. Sellas, Founder & CEO


For when you need some extra cozy warmth at your desk OR on the couch (because: Disney+), my go-to blanket of choice is the Ugg Duffield II Throw Blanket.
Pricey, yes. Comfy-cozy, ABSOLUTELY.

Candi Anklin, Advertising Manager

Candi Anklin-Advertising-Manager

As an advocate for the Carry-on Only Club, I’m able to save space and stay organized by using my favorite packing cubes (they really work).

Since I’m a constant traveler and remote worker, having strong Wi-Fi is a must. Another item that’s always in my bag is my global Wi-Fi. Staying connected when on the road can be a challenge, but with Skyroam I’m able to complete my tasks while on the go.

Carrie Keenan, Account Manager

Carrie-Keenan- Account- Manager

I like super wild and whimsical gifts, my boyfriend, on the other hand, loves something practical. So why not do both?

For a walk on the whimsical side – you can have a custom pair of socks made featuring a photo of a pet, a friend, a loved one, a celeb crush – whoever!

Since my gifts are all about festive holiday toeseys – my practical gift recommendation is an under-the-desk heated foot pad! That warm feeling will have your gift recipient thinking of you every day.

Karlyn Williams, Account Manager


We all love a good work dress with pockets (!!!), but what about stylish scarves? Introducing the SHOLD it. It’s a scarf that holds all the essentials so you can shop hands-free and have your credit card and coupons at the ready.

Kristy Morrison, Weekend CMGR


We spend enough hours at our desks that they shouldn’t feel ‘other’. They should feel comfortable and welcoming. My favorite way of adding a bit of warmth and life is with plants. This easy-to-care-for little guy, potted in Hyde, is a great addition to nearly anyone’s desk – including your own (it’s okay to spoil yourself at the holidays too ?).

Or, if you really wanted to splurge, try UrbanStems. They are a gift that delivers year-round happiness and I cannot think of something better than that.

Leah K. Williams, Junior Account Manager


As a self-proclaimed candle junkie, I love to gift candles to friends and family. My current favorites come from Brooklyn Candle Studio. There is so much to love about this women-owned brand based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their candles are inspired by travel and nature and are made of 100% soy wax for an eco-friendly, clean burn. And the lead-free cotton core wicks are primed with vegetable-based wax. They are also preservative and petroleum-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan!

My favorite line is their Escapist Collection, and the “Brooklyn” scent is the perfect thing to burn to keep your office or living room cozy during the winter months. As an added bonus – the containers make the ideal cocktail glasses once you’ve burned through the wax (I’ve got quite the collection?)! Oh and their shipping is FAST!

Sorry in advance for creating your new obsession!

Lindsey Zaleski, Operations Manager


Weighted blankets help with anxiety, stress, focus, and much more. The physical weighted pressure can result in a calming effect to improve relaxation and foster a natural good night’s sleep. There are many to chose from, but I love this one from Amazon.

Rachel Michaels, Community Manager


LEH Soap Company’s handmade lotion is paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free. My favorite lotion for the Fall/Winter is ‘Almond Crumb’ and for Spring/Summer, I use ‘Beach Days’. Sometimes, in the dead of winter, I use Beach Days to remind me of warmer days ?

I LOVE to read and Gary Janetti’s ‘Do You Mind If I Cancel’ is perfect for everyone! As a collection of essays, you can plow through in one sitting, or pick up here and there when you want a good laugh. He’s witty, has a sharp comedic bite, and will touch your heart as well.

If you’re willing to splurge, a membership to Orangetheory is not only a great holiday gift for the fitness fanatic, but also perfect for New Year’s resolutions. OTF (as we regulars refer to it) is the gift that keeps giving because it “gives you more life”. Every day is a different workout and all fitness levels are welcome. As a runner who was getting burned out and injured, this was the perfect workout to get me out of a funk. It’s made me stronger and happier. You’ll go for the workouts, you’ll leave with a feeling of camaraderie (and probably a few t-shirts from Hell Week)!

Happy Gifting!

We hope our Holiday Gift Guide For The Remote Worker was just what you needed to get your holiday shopping going, or helped you find some ideas for your wishlist! Make sure to let us know which picks were your favorite.

Looking for more suggestions for the remote worker in your life? Reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

What gifts are on your wish list this year? Let us know in the comments!

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