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Our remote workers are the fuel to our fire, the peanut butter to our jelly, and the sauce in our awesome.

They also happen to be pretty entertaining.

If you were a fly on the wall of our project management system, Basecamp, you’d have yourself a hearty belly laugh several times a day.

We recently had quite a laugh at our remote worker confessions and amazingly I got permission to share with the world.


Why Remote Workers Rock

Some business owners have the need to see their team face-to-face, want constant supervision, and up-to-the-minute communication with their workers.

That’s not the case at B Squared Media. Our freelancers immensely enjoy working from home because:

  • They get to choose when and where to work
  • It allows them to accommodate family or personal needs — and in many cases other jobs
  • They’re generally happier

And studies show that happier remote workers (or employees) actually work harder!

“The driving force seems to be that happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.”

Happy workers produce higher quality work, and remote workers tend to be REALLY HAPPY! Click To Tweet

10 Confessions From Remote Workers

The ladies of B Squared allowed me to take their work-from-home confessions and “out” them here.

Of course, to protect their privacy, no names are associated with the statements below! 😉

  1. I have a bad habit of eating on the phone (but I mute myself).
  2. My cure for sitting at my computer all day? Making spontaneous HIIT solo dance parties. ?
  3. I may or may not always actually be wearing clothes (sometimes I’m working in my bath blanket; which is just a fancy way of saying a ridiculously oversized towel).
  4. When I’m on a particularly difficult or high energy phone call, I pace in circles around the house. This is also my only exercise.
  5. Sometimes when something doesn’t make sense or is frustrating, I stop for a moment, sit back, and I might calmly ask my dogs their opinion (as if they’re humans).
  6. I don’t know what real pants are. ?
  7. When I sound composed on phone calls, it’s because a solid 20-30% of the time, I’m actually muted … cussing at my dogs and shooting them with my squirt gun.
  8. I may or may not check IG while in the bathroom.
  9. Before conference calls, I pop a mint or piece of gum in my mouth…. as if another human might come within 100 feet of me or my breath here in my own apartment.
  10. Working from home allows me to enter radio contests and giveaways. I’ve won so many times that winning radio contests is practically my full-time job.
These 10 confessions from remote workers are a hilarious dose of #RealTalk.Click To Tweet

Dare To Confess Your Remote Realness?!

We’d love to hear your own remote working confessions!

Let us know (if you dare) in the comments section below.


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Brooke B. Sellas is the in-the-trenches Founder & CEO of @HelloBSquared, an award-winning social media, advertising, and social media customer care agency. She's also the author of Conversations That Connect -- a book all about social listening and social media customer care. Brooke's marketing mantra is “Think Conversation, Not Campaign” so be sure to give her a shout on the socials!
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