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Are your content marketing tips TURRIBLE? (That’s Charles Barkley slang for terrible, in case you didn’t know)

The thing is, most people are starting to jump aboard the “valuable content” bus, but some aren’t really quite sure how to get past common sense and share the RIGHT kind of valuable information; the kind people would pay for.

Some TURRIBLE Tip Examples:

[As found around the social sphere]

False Statements; Bad Grammar

“Build your company profile on LinkedIn. Just like you couldn’t imagine NOT having a Facebook Fan Page, well you should also have one on LinkedIn. Post great information that can benefit people that follow you. They will see you as an expert and will LinkIn with you and buy from you!”

Grammar and sentence structure aside, this tip starts off nicely. Build a LinkedIn page … yes, great! But then it gets fuzzy.

You mean just by sharing “great information that can benefit people WHO (sorry, couldn’t help myself) follow you” you’ll immediately garner expert status AND start making a bunch of money?!

LE-SIGH. If only this were true …

Be sure your content marketing tidbits don’t pontificate and are specific. Use explicit, actionable tips and tricks for the best results.

Not Actionable; Generic

“Don’t expect people to stumble across your #Facebook page. Invite people to increase traffic. #SocialMedia

I think this was the perfect tip several years ago when social first started taking off. But now it’s played out. Old. Used up.

Instead of this generic gift, I’d add HOW to increase traffic. Amy Porterfield does just that, and when she spoke at #SMSS13 I slapped her Facebook advice for garnering more traffic into a post:


This allows for more direct action. Don’t be a hoarder of information – share your way to success!


“Small businesses need to be using On-line Marketing.#Emailmarketing is king, more people check email over twitter and facebook..#useitwell

Wait, what? Are we talking online marketing or email marketing here? 

Assuming they’re one and the same (they’re not), I can only guess that I should be using email over Twitter and Facebook. But how should I be using email? And does that mean I need to forget about my Twitter and Facebook pages?

Vague and confusing tips are probably not going to make you sound like an expert.

Here’s a MUCH BETTER email marketing tip:

email marketing

I like how this one uses a visual AND gives two tips for better email marketing.

V is for VERY Valuable

Jay Baer says valuable information these days is information so helpful that people would actually pay for it.

That puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

Dig deeper to decipher value for your audiences by:

  • Closely analyzing your social analytics for popular content
  • Performing click audits
  • Asking what your audience wants
  • Using FAQs to uncover information your audience deems valuable
  • Checking Google Analytics to see what people are searching for (as related to your industry)

In what ways to do find valuable content for your communities? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below!

See you in the social sphere!


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Brooke B. Sellas is an award-winning Customer Marketing Strategist and the CEO & Founder of B Squared Media. Her book, Conversations That Connect has been recognized nationally and is required reading for a Customer Experience class at NSU. Brooke's influence in digital marketing is not just about her accomplishments but also about her unwavering commitment to elevating the industry standard of digital customer experience and customer marketing.
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6 Comments. Leave new

  • LOVE this post Brooke! I would also add “Negative posts” to the list. I want to see something uplifting or encouraging when I look for tips, advice, or content. Someone who is complaining or whining in all of their posts (well targeted sarcasm excluded of course) tends to push me away.
    Jenn Herman recently posted…You Wrote a Blog Post. Now What?My Profile

    • Thanks, Jenn! I have to agree with you there … while I love well-placed sarcasm and a bit ‘o snark (as if you couldn’t tell – WINK!), I think negative Nancy’s need to reign in it from time-to-time. We could ALL whine about the constant changes (Facebook, anyone?), but it might do you better to harness that energy into a “here’s how to deal with the latest change” post instead!

  • Hi there, thank you for excellent post. I agree with you, although it is not as simple as one would thing to have everything in mind for a succesfull blog. I have been blogging on small slovenian furniture market for almost three years now and need to watch for right keywords, right grammar, right message, targeting right audience, meta, SEO and finally also for promotion of a content. It’s not the easiest job on the planet 🙂 Matija, Slovenia

    • You are absolutely right, Matija! It is not easy. There are so many things to keep in mind. My biggest piece of advice is to listen to what your customers want and then talk about that. Solve their problems, fulfill their needs, or create desire for them. If you’re constantly doing that, your tips will be on point! 🙂

  • A very nice and knowledgeable article!
    I agree with you,People love watching video rather reading any article.
    Overall, an awesome article! Thank you for your time sharing such in-depth article with us. This is really so helpful.


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