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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about identifying, pursuing and managing valuable customer relationships to keep your sales wheel rotating and you, smiling.

Fierce competition makes it mandatory for your business to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

You need to fine tune customer development and management cycles to turnaround your business.

CRM tools can do that!

Integrate a new CRM in your work flow process to gather vital metrics on customer behavior and improve the marketing outcome.

So, if you want to take your business growth to the next level, you need to integrate a good CRM in it.

Here are 5 good CRM tools to choose from:

agiliron CRM

  1. Agiliron

The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite is a great example of a classic CRM that can be easily customized with the front-end office modules to enable real-time management of sales, customers, order and customer support.

You can carry out front-office operations smoothly because of the following features:

  • Effortlessly merge streams of sales data from different sales channels.
  • Real-time tracking of marketing activities, sales cycle, quotes and orders.
  • Real-time order management that includes customer and order information with tracking and operations (Front-Office).

How it Works: Front Office Workflow

All the authorized agents or staff members have direct access to the immediate product inventory data, prices, customer history and buying information.

This empowers them to engage customers and create sales orders directly in the Agilirion system and route it to the work order management module.

You can leverage the customer behavior data from customers’ history and create a marketing campaign pinpointed at your target audience without incurring extra cost.

The following salient features improve your marketing outcome:

  • Marketing automation and direct sales management
  • Track business potential through sales cycle and activities
  • Track and manage leads
  • High degree of automation that speeds up sales cycle- conversion of quotes to order; order to invoices

Agiliron, with its user-friendly features and high automation level, guarantees full satisfaction in providing a cost-effective, efficient and seamless customer relationship management service.

bullhorn CRM

  1. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a versatile web-based CRM software that closely manages customer relationships and helps you nurture prospects by maintaining detailed historical data.

You can use that at any given time to improve your marketing outcome.

A mobile-ready CRM, accessible from any browser, Bullhorn gives you much needed flexibility to work anywhere, anytime on any device.

You have a mobile CRM that your sales force can connect to, on the move, for making informed decisions at the right time.

Following are some great features that will ease your CRM worries to a great extent:

  • Use Bullhorn accelerator feature to quickly copy any useful information from web pages into the Bullhorn application to speed up marketing outcomes
  • Open API that allows you to integrate business-critical tools and applications
  • Completely automated marketing and sales pipeline
  • Easy mesh of email, key contact data and communication in a contact management application

Bullhorn with its quick-to-implement CRM offers small to big companies a scalable customer relationship management solution with a shorter deployment time.


  1. SnapForce

SnapForce CRM is a good fit for B2B and B2C companies in any industry vertical because of its easy-to-customize front-end.

At its core, lies a fully automated, comprehensive sales automation module that speeds up the sales cycle.

Aided by other modules such as Web-Self Service, Call Center, Field Service, Social CRM, Customer Service & Support Channel Management, SnapForce CRM provides a robust customer support service.

It has a comprehensive customer management module that tracks and stores all customer data in the form of emails, phone calls and notes.

This allows the marketing team to monitor customer behavior and create the right marketing strategy.

The automatic call-log in the cloud-based SnapForce CRM makes it easy for marketing personnel to interact with customers on their individual mobiles or office phones.

All the call information or data is recorded up to the last second (this can be analyzed later) as part of the effort to provide personalized service.

Companies looking to move away from the traditional CRM models to the cloud and telephony-based CRM should shortlist SnapForce for a closer look.

salesforce CRM

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud based on-demand CRM that offers a broad suite of applications for small to big organizations.

Focused on bolstering sales and support, the Salesforce CRM along with its partner network (AppExchange) offers a scalable architecture to suit CRM requirements of organizations from different industry verticals.

This CRM supports social media interaction and contact management through two apps, Chatter and Outlook.

Chatter enables social media collaboration across the enterprise, while Outlook allows users or stakeholders to synchronize emails, tasks, calendar of events and contacts.

This nullifies any chance of double entry because it’s a cloud based app that can be accessed- anywhere, anytime by many users.

Packed with rich functionality features like in-call scripts, team-selling , business workflow, in-built approval and automation and advanced API integrations, the Salesforce CRM empowers you to harvest web leads, track sales, monitor performance through an automated sales pipeline and speed your time to the market.

Salesforce is a market leader in its domain and there are no doubts about it.

Base CRM

  1. Base

Is your business mobile-ready?

If it is and you are looking for a CRM, Base could be a great pick for your needs.

Designed to perform seamlessly on different mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, Base CRM promises great mobile connectivity to B2B and B2C sales personnel spread over different geo-locations.

The software has features like:

  • Robust sales automation module
  • Easy-to-use visual interface
  • Out-of box sales reporting
  • Complete customization of data entry fields and automatic task integration
  • Clear view of entire sales pipeline

Base offers users next-generation CRM capabilities with seamless connectivity from office to mobile devices like iOs, Android, and Windows phones through its native apps.

It is currently the highest-rated CRM in both the iOS App Store and Google Play; it also seamlessly integrates with MailChimp.

So mobile-savvy businesses should give a closer look to this CRM.

The CRM Tools Conclusion

Choose and integrate the right type of CRM in your business to optimize customer retention in an extremely competitive business environment.

What CRM does your business use? Let us know in the comments section below!


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