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The Best Landing Page Tips in 2021 6

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works when you create high-quality and compelling landing pages that follow the best practices and tips experts have to offer. Therefore, we decided to create content that helps beginners create effective landing pages for their PPC ad campaigns.

Without wasting any more time (and money), let’s jump right into some of the best PPC landing page tips. Stay with us till the very end!

Write Brief and Effective Copy

The Best PPC Landing Page Tips in 2021


Don’t go over the top with the copy on your landing pages. Keep things simple and lead with value. Persuasive landing page copy is necessary to trigger the right emotions in the potential customers. We highly recommend hiring professional PPC advertisers to prepare a highly converting copy for your ads and landing pages.

Use power words and special narrative techniques to structure your landing page copy to perfection.

Nail the Calls to Action

The Best PPC Landing Page Tips in 2021


Calls to action drive potential customers in the direction you want them to move. To be frank, most users don’t know where to head when they land on a website. Call-to-action buttons, when placed strategically, can help generate more leads and sales.

Most importantly, use compelling calls to action to trigger the users into making desirable purchasing decisions.

Use A/B Testing and Heatmap Analysis

The Best PPC Landing Page Tips in 2021


Run split tests before you launch the campaign and spend a significant amount of the ad budget. Befriend continual experimentation and keep working on increasing the landing page’s performance.

Along with this, use heatmap analysis consistently to track user real-time activity on the pages. Make adjustments accordingly.

Ensure Consistent Communication

There should be uniformity in what you promise on PPC ads and what you offer on the landing pages. It’s a major turn-off when customers find that you click-baited them to land on your website. Keep the messaging consistent. Try introducing visual continuity in your campaign to boost user experience.

For example, if your ad mentions “low-calorie snacks”, then your landing page should as well!

Avoid Distractions

Aim to design a seamless user experience on each PPC landing page. To convert more and more potential customers, you will have to eliminate every element or feature that distracts them.

Elements like form fields, graphics, images, videos, copy, pop-ups, or links are important, but they can distract the prospects and reduce the campaign’s conversion rate. Thus, you should use them cautiously and keep the buyer journey in focus. 

Reduce the Form Fields


The Best PPC Landing Page Tips in 2021


Use minimal form fields on the landing page. Firstly, you don’t want the potential customer to spend a lot of time entering information. It doesn’t help especially if you are willing to design a seamless user experience on your site.

Secondly, when you ask for minimal information, customers tend to trust your brand even more. As you reduce the number of fields in the lead form, the conversion rate automatically goes up.

Use Unique Landing Pages for Each Campaign

This tip can make or break your PPC campaign. Create landing pages unique to each campaign. A website homepage will not help you generate as many leads as a form page does. 

Why? It’s because you don’t want the audience to look for direction or think when they land on the page. Create a highly optimized landing page for each campaign and let the call-to-action drive them to conversion

Don’t Miss Out on Using Videos

Videos on landing pages? Yes, it works. Video is a highly successful digital tool that helps brands get their message across in the most efficient way. Add product videos, how-to videos, and other videos extremely relatable to the page and your brand.

The idea is to share information that will help potential customers take action. Video is a perfect tool as it increases brand recall value and further helps with remarketing.

For example, this video demo (below) shows users what the product looks like in real life, and how easy it is to incorporate into your everyday life.

Add Trust Signals on Each Page

Trust signals help push the prospects deeper into your PPC sales funnel. You can add customer testimonials, reviews, and other social proof to make your potential customers trust your products and services. It is because word-of-mouth marketing still works like a charm.

People are always wondering what others are thinking about a product they are interested in. If you add ‘believable’ customer testimonials, it will become easier for visitors to convert!

Get Professional Help

We know that building an effective landing page can be a challenging affair. And if you have no prior experience in the field, things will only get more complicated. We don’t want you to waste your money or time building a landing page that works for your brand.

So, hire a professional PPC advertiser that has worked with companies in your niche, and you are all set. If you find it challenging to build a PPC strategy for your brand, always remember that we are just an email away.

Keep Reading!

You will need to create a top PPC ad before the landing page comes into action. But, it will useless if you don’t back it up with a strong landing page. We hope these PPC landing page tips help boost your PPC campaigns and generate more leads and sales.  Connect with our friendly PPC marketers, and we will set things up for you in no time. Don’t forget to check out other posts on our blog!

What do you find most challenging when creating a landing page? 

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