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6 Tips To Develop A Better Facebook Ads Strategy 1

What does it take to generate better results from Facebook ads in 2021? Keep reading as we list our 6 tips for developing a better Facebook ads strategy.

The cut-throat competition between brands to get space on newsfeeds is mind-numbing. After all, you don’t want to waste the opportunity to get in front of 1.09 billion daily active users on Facebook. So, what should you do to update your existing Facebook ads strategy in 2021? We have shortlisted some of the best tips that will help you revive your Facebook ads strategy and generate better results.

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Only Address a Niche Audience

Use Facebook targeting to your advantage. Since you want to make maximum impact with the ads, you need to write to a set buyer persona. Write to one person and try persuading as if you were an in-person salesperson.

Now, you might have to do extensive research to figure out the trigger or pain points of the audience. Every element of the ad should focus on delivering to the needs of your audience.

Unlike a business website, a Facebook ad cannot speak to all potential customers. You will have to try to narrowly target your audience and write targeted ads accordingly. The research will help you figure out the demographic, interests, gender, age, and region to target.

Create Different Ads For Different Groups

You can develop a business website for all buyer personas. But, following a similar pattern on Facebook can painfully backfire. It’s time you stop treating Facebook ads like a billboard.

6 Tips For Developing A Better Facebook Ads Strategy

Remember: Facebook advertising works when you nail targeting. For example, an apparel brand might have different products for different genders. You cannot expect both men and women to show interest in an ad that promotes male clothing. Ultimately, men will be interested in what you have for men.

So, create different Facebook ads for different people. Again, extensive audience and market research will help you determine the number of customer groups you can target on Facebook.

Align The Copy And Ad Creative

Creatives and ad copy are separate entities. But, they serve a common purpose – make the marketing message more effective.

Entrepreneur and CEO of VaynerX, Gary Vaynerchuk, suggests every business start thinking like a media house. This is because small and big businesses, especially in the B2B space, don’t put effort into developing branded visuals. Hence, they resort to stock photos or completely unrelated pictures for their Facebook ads.

As a result, both creative and ad copy look out of sync. This can have an adverse impact on your Facebook campaign and might even result in a complete waste of marketing budget.

Here’s what you should do: spend time with the ad creative and copy. Facebook ads are quite profitable, so you better not waste this opportunity. Take inspiration from image tools like Canva, Pablo by Buffer, Creatopy and create high-quality ads.

Nail The Calls-To-Action

Okay, let’s assume users view your ad. Now what? 

You don’t just want them to look at your ad and scroll by. You want your target audience to interact with the ad and, most importantly, take action that pushes them further towards conversion.

This is precisely where calls to action come to help. Your Facebook ads should have a clear call-to-action that gives users a direction to follow.

6 Tips For Developing A Better Facebook Ads Strategy


The idea here is to develop a compelling call-to-action that encourages users to take an action – such as visiting your website, downloading a free offer, or purchasing a product.

Deliver Value With The Ads

Here’s what you need to add to your ads: massive value that your audience just cannot ignore. At the same time, you want to resist the temptation to add everything you have to offer.

Figure out your customers’ pain points. Determine factors that influence their purchasing decision. And only then create a copy/creative with the focus on getting the message across effectively.

You should aim to help your audience solve problems with your Facebook ads. It will help you gain their trust and encourage them to click on the ad and become your customer.

Lead With Numbers And Statistics

This is a no-brainer. Facebook ads, when coupled with psychology, can generate significant results. One of the best strategies to create a winning Facebook ad in 2021 is to lead with numbers.

6 Tips To Develop A Better Facebook Ads Strategy


People love statistics, especially numbers that they find relatable. For example, if you are running an ad for a car dealership, you might want to double down on how much it costs to get a car. Share the numbers – discounts, dates, deadlines, and more.

The high-quality and appealing creative can help gain attention. Be bold and add relevant numbers wherever you can.

Keep Reading!

Lastly, don’t ignore the power of A/B testing.

Split tests your ads for each ad group to make the most out of your ad budget. Test your ad copies and creatives before doubling down on the ads. Find out the ad that resonates most with your audience.

6 Tips To Develop A Better Facebook Ads Strategy


Those are our 6 Tips For Developing A Better Facebook Ads Strategy. Do you find Facebook advertising challenging? We highly recommend you hire professional social media advertisers to get the job done! Remember, we are just a phone call (or email) away

What are the biggest challenges you face with Facebook Ads? Let us know in the comments below!

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