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We’re known as the Conversation Company for a reason.

At B Squared Media, we use a ‘Teams Not Tech’ mindset to help brands use intelligent tools (like artificial intelligence) while keeping the human front center to ensure your biggest assets (customers!) are receiving personalized and empathy-driven conversations through your social media channels.

What is social-led customer care? Watch our video to learn more!

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Professional Community Management

Can 9-to-5 brands survive in a 24/7 social media world? Not without help. Our team of professional community managers (all humans!) will help your brand engage with your audiences, community, and customers online with authentic conversations based in empathy.

of consumers connect with brands on social media because they are looking for support.
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Therefore, having a constant presence to intercept communications in real time is vital to any social media strategy. Social-led customer care not only increases your chances of being seen as a customer experience (CX) leader, it’s also one of the only services that helps your company both acquire and retention customers. Your prospects and customers expect a response, and fast. Are you meeting them where they are?

Our services ensure that you are, 365 days a year (yep, even on holidays!).

Social Listening Services

Consumers are composing epic ballads for companies looking to target them — if those companies are listening. This data, what we call ‘social media intelligence’, is available to you on social channels and across the web. Most people just don’t know where to look.

By partnering with B Squared Media for our Social-Led Customer Care services (which includes social media listening) our team will monitor the social web for conversations that will unveil social intelligence around the risks and opportunities of your brand’s…

  • Industry
  • Brand (including stakeholders, products/services)
  • Competitors
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Social Listening

Our social media listening services use state-of-the-art tools to help you manage the digital touchpoints along the digital customer journey your would-be and current customers take on the path to purchase.

Once identified, we’ll use the social intelligence we’ve gathered to provide your business with valuable customer support, brand sentiment, and anecdotal insights that will help you make better data-driven decisions for almost any department under your roof.

B Squared Media is trusted by global brands and small businesses alike. And our partners love having a dedicated team that provides an extension to their own marketing and support teams, but also one that provides the social intelligence needed to meet the growing demands of their prospects and customers on social media.

Online Review Management

Take control of what people say about your brand online. We like being ‘Negative Nancy’s’ — because negative reviews are one of the biggest places to find a catalyst for change.

How you handle these critiques can result more revenue or turn away potential customers. Finding and responding to reviews quickly is critical in today’s online world.

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With B squared Media’s review management services, our social media experts will monitor, manage, and respond to your online commentary so you can stay focused on your business. With this service, you’ll improve your brand’s reputation.

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