Done-For-You Social Media Listening Services

Our done-for-you social listening allows you to hone in on key business messages that may have been missed.

B Squared Media - Social Listening

Conversations start with listening. So, our social media listening services will “listen” across digital channels – 365 days a year – to go deeper to help inform your overall business decisions. Working with your unique goals in mind, we’ll analyze conversational data on Reddit and the web.

Social listening presents an opportunity to gather and share unique and insightful qualitative and quantitative data. Through contextual and qualitative analysis, we can capture industry conversations happening outside of your brand… and bring them to you to level-up your social media strategy.

Why is that important?
Because key conversations about you and your services, and your products are happening without you! Meaning you’re not mentioned, tagged, or messaged.

With B Squared’s listening services:


Real-Time Data

Our social listening machines will give you access to more data sources & conversations about your brand/industry/products/services.

Audience Deep-Dive

Social media listening services can identify the users behind conversations about your brand, and also uncover key audience insights & demographic data.

Track Sentiment

How do your customers really feel about your brand? Our social listening experts will be able to tell you!

Language Rich

Social listening allows you to look at conversations in many languages, giving you a more holistic view of what’s being said.

Trend Analysis

Our social listening experts leverage advanced filtering to help you understand what’s trending in your industry, with your brand, and even with your competitors.

Better Targeting

With your keyword listeners in place, we’ll be able to analyze post location, device usage, and more to inform your targeting strategies.

Channels we can “listen” in on:





To learn more about our done-for-you social media listening services, book a free consultation with our Founder & CEO, Brooke B. Sellas.

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