How does your customer care stand out?

Take our quick quiz to find out if your Customer Care services are transforming your social media efforts by nourishing your customers or if you have growing and pruning to do.

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Our Social-First Customer Care Services may be one of the most important services you’re not offering your customers.

What do we mean by ‘Social-First Customer Care’?
Social-First Customer Care encompasses your website and/or your social media channels. Customer Care is also proactive, unlike reactive services like customer service or customer support. For a more in-depth look at Customer Care and how it adds to your bottom line, read this article.

How will I be scored?
Our quiz will focus on Customer Care through social media and help you determine where you are with your efforts.

Many companies are still seedlings when it comes to Customer Care through social media, barely having dabbled in the basics. Maybe you’ve sprouted into a sapling, employing some strategies but knowing there’s more you can do. Or perhaps you’ve built your company into a big strong tree with a good grasp of Customer Care through social channels but are looking to integrate social media with your internal customer service team.

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