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We take the mystery out of your social media CX.

Are your social interactions measuring up to your customers’ expectations? With more shopping choices appearing daily, consumers are looking for quick, painless, and helpful interactions that help solve their problems or purchase a new product. Nearly 70% of consumers have used a company’s social media channel for servicing.

  • Is your social media customer care team armed with consistent answers?
  • Are they responding in a timely fashion (ahem, most social media customers expect a response in 30 minutes or less!)?
  • How does your social media customer experience (CX) compare to industry averages?

There’s only one way to find out: Hire B Squared Media to experience what our Social Media Mystery Shop can do for you!

Our highly skilled professional community managers will mystery shop your brand and social support team over a variety of days and times to test if your team is delivering. We’ll benchmark against industry standards as well as your own targets.

How does it work? We’re so glad you asked!

Once you have signed your agreement, you’ll receive an intake form that will help our team align with your brand targets and KPIs (key performance indicators).


Then, when your intake form has been completed, we’ll schedule a 30-minute Discovery call to review your KPI’s and how the two weeks of Mystery Shopping will work.

Your brand will be shopped on one platform, three times over one week, at a variety of times.

The following week, your skilled community manager will pull together a valuable report which will measure how your social team and brand performed. The report will also share insights for improvement.

You’ll receive a 30-min Debrief call to ensure you can capitalize on the insights we have for improvement OR we’ll celebrate how awesome-sauce your team is.

A simple hello can lead to a million things.