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Get better at increasing both customer acquisition and retention through organic social media.

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Hi! I’m Brooke Sellas.

In addition to running a successful digital marketing agency, I’ve worked with clients big and small, local and global, to drive results in digital customer experience in some of the most difficult industries (like finance). I even wrote a book detailing exactly how to get more out of your social media customer care efforts when it comes to connecting, conversing, and converting audiences called, Conversations That Connect.

Since 2018, I’ve helped build social media customer care programs for global, billion-dollar brands. Using our systems, they’ve seen:

  • Faster response times
  • Increased customer satisfaction + retention
  • Growth with capturing new customers through social media channels
  • Improved social intelligence around industry, brand, and competitor data
  • Reduction in overhead and team costs
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At B Squared Media, we’ve worked with some of the biggest (and smallest) brands including:

  • B2C brands
  • B2B brands
  • Startups to billion-dollar global brands
  • Product-driven brands, including food & beverage, consumer goods, and fashion
  • Service-driven brands, including finance, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing (including luxury brands)

Book an hour directly with me to explore how your company can better use social-led customer care to both acquire and retain customers.

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