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Find out how US consumers & brands use social media marketing in our free research reports. Download any of our social media trends reports, each packed with insights to set you up for social media marketing success.

The State of Customer Care Report

The State of Customer Care (2022)

Social media customer care harnesses the full power of social media by monitoring and analyzing conversations happening around your brand to help acquire and/or retain customers. Yet, so few brands have adopted a social media customer care program.

In our inaugural State of Social Media Customer Care Report, we’ll highlight research and client case studies on how consumer preferences have changed. And why personalized, empathetic brand conversations will keep your brand above the rest.

Specifically, our social media customer care report focuses on these five areas:

  • Social media conversations are driving the digital customer experience, but few brands are taking advantage of this.
  • Customer care covers the entire digital customer journey — meaning both acquiring new customers and retaining current ones.
  • Brand conversations spur connection and ultimately lead to more revenue for talkative brands.
  • The need for speed (with brand responses) has accelerated.
  • Humanity & empathy are needed to win the customer’s heart.
B2 Covid Report

Social-Led Customer Care Through Covid: What We’re Learning From the Pandemic

In our report by internationally-acclaimed speaker, author and college educator Mark Schaefer and B Squared Media Founder and CEO Brooke Sellas, we look at the impact of the pandemic on online customer care and how to apply it to a thoughtful, proactive strategy going forward. We can establish the state of customer care, including the impact of key dynamics such as:

  • The e-commerce surge
  • Remote work and labor availability
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Privacy trends/social intelligence
  • A growing number of disgruntled consumers

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