Start your engines, because the race to customer loyalty is on! If you’re feeling left behind, this new show will kick your customer experience (CX) efforts into gear.

The CX Engine Show features Kenneth “Shark” Kinney and Brooke Sellas. With less than 20% of consumers saying brands are doing a good job adopting a customer-centric mindset, customer loyalty is at an all-time low.

The CX Engine Show will help organizations better connect with their customers by sharing Shark and Brooke’s experience with enterprise brands, as well as interviewing the top brands, and marketers, on their customer experience and customer success stories. Specifically, our conversations will uncover the biggest customer care challenges brands are facing today, and give real-world advice on how to fix them.

The Show is in both video and audio/podcast formats every other week, with one monthly episode including an interview from a CX expert.

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Kenneth “Shark” Kinney and Brooke Sellas

About the Hosts

Brooke B. Sellas is the Founder & CEO of B Squared Media, an award-winning social media customer care agency; a sought-after speaker; the author of Conversations That Connect, a book about social media customer care and social listening; previously the co-host of the Marketing Companion podcast.

Kenneth “Shark” Kinney is a Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, and Shark Diver. With nearly 30 years of brand, agency, and consulting experience, he has worked with many of the Fortune 200, over 50 colleges and universities, and hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses. He is the host of the top rated A Shark’s Perspective podcast.

Latest Episode

Episode 10: “How User Experience (UX) is the Future of CX” · On this episode, we welcome Howard Pyle, CEO of and Founder of and discuss: looking at CS vs CX leadership and how that impacts who owns CX; how CX leaders deliver on social impact agendas; how CX leaders need to lean in on new technologies, including A.I., to improve KPI’s; and much more!

Previous Episodes

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Episode 6: “Aligning EX for Better CX”

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Episode 4: “Where SEO Meets CX”

Episode 3: “Chatting CX, GPT, Bots, and More”

Episode 2: “Time to Win with CX” Feat. Jay Baer

Episode 1: “Start Your CX Engine”

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